How to answer uncomfortable questions?

Questions about personal life, salary and health status are not always relevant. They can put a person in front of a difficult choice: against the desire to respond to the interlocutor, or point out to him excessive curiosity. However, there are other ways to respond to uncomfortable questions. Depending on the situation, you can apply them.

Convert the question

As soon as the conversation turns to an undesirable topic for you, transfer it to another direction. It is advisable to do this by asking the interlocutor an unexpected question for him. In this way, you will take him by surprise and he will lose the thread of his own reasoning. To perplex a person is a good result, which allows us not to spoil relations and not to answer an awkward question at all. However, the speed of your reaction is extremely important for the successful implementation of such tactics. Do not be shy, if you decide to dramatically change the topic of conversation. If you do not show determination, it can take advantage of your counterpart.

Mirroring questions

Any person feels uncomfortable when others are tactless towards him. If you are asked an awkward question, "return" it to the interlocutor. From the point of view of dialogue, it will not be entirely correct. But, while maintaining a friendly tone, you will let the person know that his question is incorrect. It is necessary to formulate a "response" question so that the interlocutor immediately understands that he has shown inappropriate interest.

The mirroring method includes another scenario. In response to a question you can ask a series of clarifying questions. Depending on how the interlocutor answers, you will have the opportunity to divert the conversation from the uncomfortable topic.

No specifics

It is not necessary to meet the expectations of people, voicing clear answers, if the question seemed out of place to you. There is no need to abandon the discussion or abruptly end the conversation. Just answer in the most vague terms. You can draw parallels and comparisons, or embark on philosophical reflections that will barely touch the subject of the question. The person who asked you the provocative question will be disappointed, but he will understand that it is extremely difficult to impose anything on you.

Ask for advice

Knowing the areas in which your interlocutor is competent enough, you can ask for advice instead of answering the question posed by him. This will allow you to switch your attention from the topic that is uncomfortable for you. People like being listened to. Give the other person a chance to speak out.


Praise is one of the most innocuous ways to avoid answering a tactless question. It is best to give a compliment that will be associated with the subject matter. People like to hear compliments. But along with a positive reaction, confusion arises. Therefore, a person is unlikely to continue to bother you with his curiosity.


Curiosity from others can be neutralized with the help of humor. A successful joke will not only clearly define your personal boundaries, but also lift your spirits. If the tactless question was taken by surprise, it would be difficult to improvise and practice wit. Therefore, think in advance options for answers. They should reflect your position, but not be offensive to the interlocutor. For almost any reason, you can say with the most serious expression: "This information is not subject to disclosure" or "I can not disclose the results of astrological research on this issue."

Place accents

Sometimes people try to impose their own judgment on others. In such tactless questions shows their opinion. If you are faced with a similar situation, keep calm. Rephrase the question of the interlocutor in such a way as to clearly show his bias and bias. You were asked about the new outfit and in the very formulation of the question was read disapproval? Ask your interlocutor whether he really considers himself to be a sufficiently competent person in drawing up a wardrobe and whether you should now listen to his recommendations instead of relying on his personal opinion. On many "well-wishers", such bluntness has a sobering effect.


Skipping tactless questions past the ears is not so easy as it may seem at first glance. After all, it requires equanimity and calm. As soon as you were asked a tactless question without hesitation, return to the discussion of the previous topic or switch to a new one. If the interlocutor will insist and repeat the question, do not hesitate, continuing to speak on a topic convenient for you. Do not pause or show emotion. If you still feel not comfortable enough, leave for a while, and when you return to your interlocutor, again seize the initiative in the conversation.

How to fight back?

If you feel a strong pressure from the interlocutor and he provokes you to frankness, proceed to action. Drop the fear of offending a person if he rudely violates your personal space. Do not make excuses for your position and unwillingness to give an answer to a question asked by him. For a start, you can politely declare the irrelevance of the question, but if the interlocutor does not satisfy such a statement, safely reject tact.
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