How to spend time with friends

We all love to meet and relax with friends, spending holidays or weekends with them. Friendly meetings are good, and yet it would not be superfluous to slightly diversify a regular conversation, with several contests or games.

Creative evenings in priority!

There are several options for organizing friendly gatherings. Here are the most common ones:
  • Traditional conversations at the table, accompanied by music and toast.
  • Stories of funny stories and anecdotes.
  • You can also share news about common friends.
  • Organize a dance evening or movie night (after which you can share your impressions).
In general, it will be informative and not boring. And yet, if you want to turn your ordinary friendly gatherings into something original and fun, then you need a little effort and of course your imagination.

Recently, extraordinary get-togethers with friends are becoming more and more popular. Why all? Yes, because at such meetings it just never gets boring! And this is a great way to get to know your friends and their talents in a new way. In addition, such a rest helps to relax and develop your imagination. Another advantage of such a holiday is that not only the soul rests, but also the “brains”, and all problems and everyday fuss are left in the background.

More and more people are choosing extraordinary ways to spend their holidays with friends. And believe me, if you ever try to spend your leisure time creatively with friends, you will never want to relax anymore.

Insanely fun creative leisure options with friends

In fact, creative recreation does not require the presence of any specific creative talents from a group of friends. The main thing is your imagination and fantasy. One of the most famous ways to have fun with friends is contests. Of course, this method requires that one or more friends choose interesting, exciting and fun games. But since we live in times of unhindered access to the world wide web, then choosing such contests will not be difficult.

Here, for example, you can organize an evening of “Culinary Masterpiece”. One of your friends finds some exotic recipe for a dish that he really liked and invites friends to get together with someone to cook this masterpiece. Another option for leisure activities with friends is to organize a carnival, and on New Year's Eve you can arrange a carnival masquerade. This option will surely appeal to any company. By the way, this is a great way to develop your imagination, if you set a condition to come up with not only a costume, but also present it.

You can combine the two previous options, called, for example, "Journey to the countries." The essence of the game is simple: You agree in advance to which countries you are going. After that, everyone prepares their own costume and national dish. You can also choose music suitable to the selected countries, and talk about national cuisine and interesting ceremonies, and some traditions can also be visually played. In case your friends have a poetic gift, you can try to spend an evening of buryme. For such an evening you need to prepare in advance to get a good result. First you need to choose a topic (there are no restrictions here, you can take any, for example, “About the evil of the day”). Next, you need to come up with a few rhymed lines and write a burime by the appointed day. And even considering one theme and rhyme for everyone, the same burime never go out, incredible, right ?!

Top five games for not boring leisure

In all the variety of options for a creative holiday, you can highlight the top five most popular games.

"Crocodile" (also known under the other name "Cow")

This is quite a popular and well-known game, the point is that without words using gestures, facial expressions and figures show the word that needs to be guessed. There are two variants of the game: The first is when two people are chosen, one of them comes up with the word, the second shows, and the rest try to guess it. The second option is a team competition. The participants are divided into two groups and the leader, representatives of the teams are selected, which show the hidden word to their group. It is not necessary to guess exactly the word, you can use phrases, a line from a song or movie. In addition, there are certain gestures designed to help the "conversation" of the "Crocodile" with guessing.

The game of "association"

To begin with, the players choose “Water”, which goes into another room, while the rest of them inject any of the general attendees, and “Water” can also be made. Then the driver puts questions on the topic “With what or with whom does a certain chosen person associate?” For example, such questions as: what flower, weather, season does this person associate with? Or what music and song can you describe it? To complicate the game a little, you can limit the number of questions and attempts, for example, the driver is given three questions and three attempts to guess who the participants made.


Another known and favorite game of friends is considered to be the “Mafia”, and this game is also used in psychological training. In addition, there is a statement that this game was invented by one of the students of Moscow State University, a student at the psychological department in the late eighties. After a little time, and this game has spread around the world and won the title of one of the most exciting psychological games. Mafia is a role-playing game. In the mafia, four, rarely five roles, corresponding to the cards that players pulled
  • driving (joker)
  • mafia (peak and cross aces)
  • ordinary citizens (all hearts and diamonds, except jacks, queens, kings and aces)
  • Inspector Catania (the king of hearts)
  • doctor (King of Diamonds)
In the network of the rules of this game is the sea. In a nutshell, the main point - the “salt” of this game can be described as follows: peaceful citizens, they represent the majority of the circle, but who do not know who is who, it is necessary to defeat the criminal minority (two people who are familiar with each other's roles), which makes this game as close to real life. The goals are also quite simple: the mafioso - to destroy the civilians as much as possible, so that no one understands that they are bandits, and the inhabitants identify the criminals. The game is based on deception and suspicion, because you need to bring to the "clean water". "Mafia" is characterized by communication, discussion, logic and intuition. The game really captures so that you will not notice how the night will pass and morning will come.

"Give the name of the photo"

Quite a common competition, the essence of which is that it is necessary to give the name of photos with an unusual plot (photos from the series of “bloopers”, “surprise effect”). The highlight of the contest is made up of common photos of your and your friends. First you need to place the photos in the room, and then everyone can leave a note near any photo several times in the evening. After that, all the proposed names are read, and the most interesting and amusing name is chosen by voting.

Grand concert

And closes our top five best ways to spend creative leisure with friends - songs "under the plywood." The idea to hold such a concert arose after watching the performance of Yevgeny Grishkovets "Simultaneously", in which there was a scene where Yevgeny shares his childhood dream of singing like Elvis Presley, but not making a parody of it, and singing as if Presley never existed , and his magic voice is the voice of Grishkovets. Then Magomaev's phonogram sounded from the unshakable composition "Ray of the Golden Sun", and Eugene sang into the microphone like this was his voice. The effect is simply amazing! The hall was delighted and laughed to tears.

Repeating such a number is not difficult, you just need to choose your favorite song and play as if you have such a voice. In order for everything to work out as it should, you need a spacious room, set up the speakers so that the sound sounds ahead of the “singer” and of course just falls “under the plywood”. The costume and the characteristic movements that will enhance the effect will not be superfluous. And do not try to accurately parody, since you will get away from the very essence of this competition (and this is important): you need to sing as if it were your voice, not the stars. Do not hesitate, there will be a lot of laughter and fun, try it and you will be delighted.

And finally, you can say this, slightly changing the phrase of the main characters from the film “Prisoner of the Caucasus”: Relaxing with friends is good, and a good rest is simply wonderful.
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