9 things that Scandinavian design taught us

Scandinavian style in the interior - a strong trend for several seasons, and it seems that he is not going to give up their positions. And in fact, even if you do not plan to design the entire apartment in this style, the Scandinavians have something to learn.

1. Use light shades

They not only visually enlarge the space, but also make the room brighter. And this is so lacking in the Scandinavian countries, especially in winter.

2. Brightness

Add small bright accents in the interior - for example, throw pillows, posters, paintings or designer dishes. This will give the room habitable and cozy look.

3. Do not be afraid of simplicity!

Wooden structures such as shelves or classic dining chairs fit easily into almost any decor, and slender lines do not overload the space.

4. Armchair

Allocate a place for a cozy armchair, because this is the literal embodiment of the Scandinavian "Hyugge". A knitted or fur blanket - comfort and once again comfort - is very suitable for him!

5. Textiles

Home textiles? Wonderful! Bedspreads, blankets and pillows, beautiful bedding not only decorate your home, but also make your life comfortable. Do not be afraid to experiment with fabrics, colors and textures.

6. Light

Light, more light! Take a closer look at the pendant lights. Due to the variety of sizes and shapes, they can fit into any room, even the smallest.

7. Storage

Think about a convenient storage system for you. Such designs minimize confusion, thereby saving space and the interior is not “suffering” in terms of aesthetics.

8. Carpets

Textile floor mats with national northern patterns look very nice on the floor, and you can put a fur skin on the bed itself. It is warm and so nice!

9. Curtains and decor

Open windows — replace heavy curtains or drapes with light, translucent tulle. The room immediately seems spacious. Do not overdo it with the decor. The abundance of statuettes, decorations and just souvenir nonsense around you will create the effect of congestion. The maximum is simple plants, scented candles and memorable photos.

Remember the most important thing: the Scandinavian style meets the requirements of ergonomics and comfort, it is close to nature and luxury is alien to him. Lightness and light are what you need. Do not be afraid to try new things and change, it's so easy!
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