3 rules for creating a conflict-free environment

The director of the London architectural studio called Wave, Jae An, who published a book on how to create an environment for a life without conflict, highlighted three main theses of harmonious coexistence of people with each other.

Create a space in which a person will feel as comfortable as possible, practically, as if he were at home

There are no clear indications about the materials used, the shapes and amount of space. If we are talking about, for example, a multi-storey building, a common garden or terrace will be a good solution, something of which people usually argue.

Trust not only facts, but also instincts

The whole process of creating a project should be similar not to a train of mathematical formulas and calculations, but to a dialogue between exact science, art, and one’s own sense of being realized.

Do not ask, but listen

A perfect example of this approach is a school for children with special needs built next to the forest. Previously, the guys were asked to introduce themselves in the forest, to draw and describe their feelings on paper.
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