Preparing a man for conception

Increasingly, couples are planning to have a baby. And this is right, because future parents can prepare for the appearance of the baby: improve health, deal with many problems, prepare the material base. Women start taking vitamins in advance, eat right, try to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, not only future mothers should take care of themselves, but also fathers, since they are responsible for half of the baby’s genes.

What to look for

Men should begin training in advance, 3 months before the intended conception of the child. That is how much time is required for the maturation of sperm. What exactly needs to be done:
  1. To be tested for genital infections. There are diseases that can be asymptomatic. They not only affect the general well-being of a person, but can be dangerous for a child.
  2. Monitor your health, if possible avoid infectious diseases. Even ordinary flu lowers sperm quality. To everything came back to normal, it will take at least 3 months.
  3. Get rid of excess weight in advance, keep fit. To do this, you need to eat right, increase physical activity. Adipose tissue is involved in the development of female sex hormones, which reduce the formation of male. Without male hormones, there will be no good sperm.
  4. Do not contact with harmful substances . They are contained in paint, varnish, solvents. Avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals.
  5. Ensure that the scrotum does not overheat . The temperature in the scrotum should be several degrees lower than the temperature of the whole body. If it overheats, sperm quality deteriorates. Any diseases that cause fever are unfavorable for future paternity. Shortly before conception, you should not go to the sauna, bathe in a hot bath, spend a lot of time in the car with heated seats. It is better to abandon heated blankets, too warm pants, especially those made of synthetic materials.
  6. Refuse alcoholic beverages . And a healthy man produces a small amount of defective sperm. But they rarely participate in conception. Through the cervical canal less than 1% of all produced sperm penetrates into the uterus. But, if a man drinks, the likelihood that an unhealthy sperm cell will take part in conception increases. This can cause a miscarriage or the birth of a sick child.
  7. Do not smoke. Smoking is harmful in itself, since it has a toxic effect on the body. It can cause the occurrence of vascular disorders, which is detrimental to men's health.
  8. Avoid chronic stress. Our body is designed so that the offspring appears only in a favorable period, so that he has the opportunity to survive. Therefore, if the body receives an alarm, the process of sperm production is inhibited, the man may even develop temporary sterility. Stress is a reaction to a threatening situation. If you want to conceive a healthy child, it is advisable to deal with current problems, since chronic stress not only worsens the general state of health, but also affects the process of sperm production.
  9. Get enough sleep. Full rest is necessary not only for the expectant mother, but also for the father. It is advisable to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day in order to feel rested and full of energy.

Proper nutrition

Preparing for conception is not only a healthy lifestyle, but also proper nutrition. A man, at least these 3 months, must eat right. This is the best prevention of mortality and various violations of the fetus, as well as a guarantee of quick conception.

If you want to be the father of a healthy baby, give up high carbohydrate foods. Include protein in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are naturally beneficial. A fast-absorbing carbohydrate (i.e., sweet), fatty meat and fatty dairy products should be abandoned.

A study was conducted on the flies flies, with which we, by the way, share about 60% of the genes. In addition, 75% of genetic diseases are also common. Scientists were able to establish that the mortality of larvae depends on the nutrition of the males before mating. Those males who were fed with high-carbohydrate foods before mating, having reduced the amount of protein in their diet, lost almost half of their offspring. Drosophila, who ate protein food, produced offspring, the survival of which was much higher. What else is desirable to include in the menu of the future father:
  1. Seafood. They affect sperm motility.
  2. Foods rich in zinc: legumes, wheat bran, etc. It is necessary for the formation of testosterone and the hormone responsible for the synthesis of sperm.
  3. Products with selenium: milk, liver, seafood, fish, fresh garlic. Selenium helps to remove heavy metal salts. If a man’s body lacks this element, fetal malformations may occur.
  4. Folic acid. It is useful not only for expectant mothers, but also for men who want to become the father of a healthy child. It should be taken about 3 months before conception. If the body receives 400 g of folic acid per day, then the number of spermatozoa with defective chromosomes or with the wrong number of chromosomes decreases. Folic acid can be also from products: greens, carrots, cabbage, beets, nuts and seeds.
  5. Tomatoes. They have lycopene, which increases the number of sperm in the ejaculate, that is, increases the chance of a quick conception.
  6. Foods rich in vitamin C. This vitamin affects the quality and mobility of sperm. Therefore, future fathers need to drink dogrose infusion, eat apples, citrus fruits, cabbage, kiwi, etc.
  7. Foods with vitamin E. This vitamin is able to improve the quality of sperm. Increases the likelihood of conception. Vitamin E is abundant in vegetable oils, eggs, legumes, and various nuts.
Of course, even a thorough preparation can not give an absolute guarantee. But, on the other hand, a responsible approach to conceiving a child, taking vitamins, and a healthy lifestyle increases the chances of having a healthy baby. And what could be more important for parents? No medication, treatment abroad does not guarantee full recovery for a sick child. It is much easier to take care of this before conception, especially since there is nothing difficult in such preparation. Rest, good nutrition, rejection of bad habits for the majority is the norm, contributes to the health of not only future children, but also the man himself.
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