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We often add milk to tea, prepare a fresh vegetable salad and peel the fruit. However, nutritionists and supporters of healthy eating do not agree with the peculiarities of using certain foods. How to cook oatmeal, cut pomegranate and use cinnamon - read the article.


We love fresh tomato salad with vegetable oil or sour cream and prepare such a delicacy almost every day. That's right, because tomatoes are good for health. These vegetables contain lycopene. This antioxidant reduces the risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. But lycopene is better absorbed by the body if the tomatoes are scalded with water and lightly held on the fire. Therefore, eat vegetables both raw and stewed.


Carrots are a versatile vegetable. How to use the orange miracle in the kitchen? Prepare a fresh cut, gnaw a root vegetable just like that or add it to a hot dish - there is more than enough fantasy. And in what form is carrot healthier? We know that vegetable is rich in carotene. This plant-based vitamin A precursor boosts immunity, improves vision, and prevents heart disease. In boiled carrots, carotene is absorbed many times better than in raw ones. Root in this form is easier digested by the stomach. It is important for people suffering from improper digestion.

Stewed carrots contain large amounts of carotene


How many healthy foods made from pumpkin! But for this they use only the core, and get rid of hard peel. And in vain, because pumpkin peel contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. For example, zinc, which rejuvenates the skin and strengthens the nails. And also - carotene. Boil the whole pumpkin, cutting it into small pieces.


How wonderful the taste of asparagus cabbage in baked, stewed and boiled! But during heat treatment, vitamin C is destroyed, which is a dime a dozen in your favorite vegetable. Steam familiar broccoli dishes or chop fresh inflorescences into salads. By the way, cabbage stalks are also eaten, as they contain a lot of useful elements.


Garlic is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing plant. This natural medicine contains manganese, copper, iron, sulfur, calcium and other substances. Pay attention to how you eat garlic. We cut it into slices and put it in a borscht or stew. But this herb is better to push. So he fully reveals the aroma and healing properties.


People eat grapefruit the same way - they peel the bitter-tasting peel and absorb the fragrant slices with appetite. And if you skip the fruit with the pulp and the crust through a meat grinder, add a spoonful of honey and put the mixture in the cold, you get a nutritious delicacy. After all, the peel of grapefruit is rich in essential oils and organic acids, and also in vitamin C. The medicine obtained clears the vessels.

Grind the grapefruit with the peel in a blender or meat grinder - get a unique therapeutic agent


This fruit stimulates the heart. But most people do not eat pomegranate, because they do not know how to clean it. If, nevertheless, they are solved, then the surrounding space is splashed with bright red juice. To prevent this, cut the top of the fruit, then make cuts along the veins. Turn the fruit over and tap it with a spoon. Pour the grains in the plate and enjoy the taste of the southern fruit.


To become healthier and slimmer, we used to cook oatmeal on sugar-free water. But today, nutritionists say in one voice that cereal in milk with the addition of berries, dried fruits and nuts is much healthier. After all, such a full breakfast nourishes the body with vitamins and provides energy for 24 hours a day.


Do you like to pass the time over a cup of cappuccino with cinnamon and fragrant cake? It's great, because such a drink invigorates and improves mood. And cinnamon improves blood circulation and regulates blood sugar levels. So feel free to add spice in soups, deli meats and fish stew. Just do not overdo it with the amount.

Add cinnamon to all dishes. This spice is a source of positive and good mood!

Tea with milk

We borrowed the tradition of drinking tea with milk from the Tatars, Kazakhs and the British. Why do nutritionists criticize this mixture? Because milk kills the taste and aroma of an Indian drink. And in such a cocktail decreases the amount of nutrients - antioxidants. Drink tea and milk separately.

Use foods properly and stay healthy!
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