How to wear a velvet dress?

From this article you will learn how and with what to wear one of the most luxurious and capricious materials - velvet. Moreover, it will be not just velvet, but velvet dresses.

There are several reasons for this. First, velvet for many years is considered one of the most expensive and spectacular materials for sewing beautiful dresses on the way out. Secondly, fashion journalists claim that velvet dresses are the main dresses of the fall-winter 2018 season.

And yet, to wear dresses made of velvet, you must remember that this is a very complex material. Of course, this is a very beautiful dress, characterized by a particularly deep color and easily lying on the figure. However, in the case of velvet, there is one danger: many people associate this material tightly with the clothes for women “aged”, in other cases there is a danger that the deep velvet color will make the figure heavier. How to stay elegant and sophisticated in the most fashionable dress of the season?

Do not overdo it

The image will not be successful, if in your beautiful dress you look like a velvet sofa. Avoid maximum lengths of sleeves and skirts, and do not complement the image with heavy, massive accessories, ruffles, ruffles and braid.

Pay attention to quality.

Dresses from velvet immediately tell everything about themselves. Even the one who understands nothing in fabrics will easily understand where expensive material is and where cheap viscose is. It seems to us that the dress of the season is a must-have, and since fashion lawmakers decided that it should be made of velvet this spring, you will still have to give up and fork a little ... If you are, of course, determined.

Find “your” color

Velvet is a strict material and does not tolerate dishonesty, infantilism and frivolous approach. Therefore, the choice of the right color - the most important step on the way to the acquisition of a beautiful dress. Classic colors such as black, red, green emphasize the natural beauty of velvet and its restrained severity. Avoid pastel and excessively bright shades - they visually “cheapen” the material and, in addition, smear the contours of your figure in a dress.

Probably, there is no point in repeating again, with what caution it is worthwhile to approach to buying a velvet dress. And yet, if you are committed, your efforts will be fully justified.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of being beautiful!
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