Henna hair coloring: the resulting shades and methods of application

Henna is an ideal option for those who want to change their style and do not allow thoughts about the dangers of hair. Natural dye helps not only to get a whole variety of shades, but also to restore their curls. Using simple recipes, beauties from ancient times chose their color and did not harm their hair. For those who like their hair shade, there are recipes for masks with colorless henna.

Composition of henna and its diversity: types of henna

Henna for hair is made from the lower leaves of Lawsonia. They have a rich composition that includes many trace elements. These biologically active substances and restore the structure of hairs. Henna includes:
  • vitamins and organic compounds;
  • glossy substances;
  • polymers of monosaccharides;
  • coloring matter - chenotanic acid
  • pectic substances;
In order for henna hair dyeing to go according to plan, you need to take the desired powder. There are several types of henna, from which colorless henna, Iranian, Sudanese and Indian can be distinguished.

Colorless henna

Colorless henna for hair is used exclusively for medicinal purposes. however, with its help you can slightly change the tone of the hair. To do this, in the mask you need to add ginger or cinnamon. This allows you to make hair color brighter and brighter by one tone. The question concerns only natural and unpainted hair. Colorless henna helps normalize the sebaceous glands and reduce hair loss. The powder activates hair growth and helps enrich them with vitamins.

Sudanese henna

Sudanese henna for dyeing hair is suitable for blond hair or for those who want to get a more copper and golden hue. With the help of additives you can get any shades of red. From light to chestnut. If you dye your Sudanese henna hair, and then dye it in Basma, you can get a deep ashy tint.

Iranian henna

Iranian henna is the most common type of natural dye. It is suitable for both women with dark hair, and for fair-haired beauties. Combining it with other additives you can get shades of red, chocolate, chestnut and red.

Indian henna

Indian henna allows you to get dark shades of hair. Dark red, dark red and even almost black hair. You can dye your hair with henna with the addition of beets, coffee, tea or wine. If you add oil, then after dyeing henna hair will become smoother and silky.

Attention! White henna relatively recently appeared on the market of cosmetology. Manufacturers claim that with its help you can lighten hair. In fact, in this composition is very little natural component. The remaining place is occupied by synthetic additives that scorch and harm the hair.

Shades with henna additives

Dyeing hair is usually not pure henna. This is necessary so that the hair after dyeing with henna is silky and has different shades. It is possible to get the desired shade when dyeing with henna using additives:
  • For red shades, you must add beet juice. Depending on the type of henna, the depth of color will be determined;
  • You can achieve a golden hue by mixing henna with turmeric or chamomile;
  • Bright red hair color can be endowed, dyeing with henna with a rich decoction of onion peel;
  • By mixing henna with red wine you can get a deep cherry color;
  • For a warm chocolate shade you need to mix the powder with cocoa;
  • A hint of bitter chocolate can be obtained by adding only basma;
  • Red hair color gives beetroot and cranberry juice with henna;
  • Chestnut color comes when henna dye your hair with the addition of black tea or coffee.
For darkness, any shade can be added to the henna mixture with the addition of basmu.

Henna for hair is useful and has practically no contraindications. The powder rarely causes allergic reactions and is permitted for use by pregnant women.
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