Bronding hair

Hair coloring technologies are rapidly developing. Lightening strands looks natural only on blond hair. But what to do brunettes and brown-haired women? Especially for them, brondirovanie hair was invented as opposed to highlighting.

What is the reservation?

In accordance with this technology, several shades of brown color are applied to the hair. Tones are selected individually, since the purpose of coloring is to create the most natural overflow. In addition to the natural shade of hair takes into account the skin tone and eye color of the girl. It is believed that brondirovanie suitable for all types of hair.

Variants of brondirovaniya

The technique of classic bronding requires choosing one of the shades behind the main one. In the future, it will serve as a base. Small strands in the crown are lightened. They are allowed to differ from the main shade by 2-3 tones. The root zone is not painted. Thus, it turns out that the tips of the hair are lightened, and the roots remain dark. Eye-catching contrasts are unacceptable. Hair in occipital and temporal areas are not lightened. Tint edging can serve as a complement to classic armor. Due to the lightening of the strands on both sides of the face, its features can be visually softened.

You can make brondirovanie hair ombre effect. Then the hair will look as if after dyeing you had time to grow dark roots. At the same time, the clarity of the borders between dark and light shades during dyeing will depend on your preferences. Certainly popular booking with reverse ombre. It is more relevant for fair-haired girls, since the root zone remains bright, and closer to the ends of the hair darken.

According to the shatush technique, the most blurry effect of the transition from the dark root zone to the light tips is created. Do not confuse this technique with ombre. Shatush implies the effect of strands faded in the sun. A light shade is applied to the third of the entire hair length from the tips. Slightly higher curls are painted in a darker tone. On a radical zone there is a natural shade. All transitions between tones are bleached so that the curls have a natural look.

Zone reservation is used when it is necessary to select a specific area (due to a combination of shades, additional volume appears). For example, if zonal armoring is carried out in the area of ​​the crown, the roots remain dark, the hairs are lightened in length by 2-3 tones, and the tips are darkened.

Brazilian booking in many ways resembles the shatush technique. Your curls will look as if their color has changed under the action of sunlight. However, staining is carried out along the entire length of the hair, plus focus on the tips. The root zone is not allocated. But on the hair there will be beautiful glare due to alternating light and dark small strands.

When performing California brondirovaniya not used foil. This allows you to achieve a natural effect - the boundaries between shades are almost imperceptible. Curls are painted in a dark shade in the root zone. Gradually, it turns into a light tone and as a result, the tips turn out to be the lightest.


Among the main advantages of brondirovaniya can be identified versatility. It does not matter the initial shade of hair, this technique of dyeing is equally well suited to both brunettes and fair-haired girls. Visually, the hair after dyeing will appear more voluminous. The effect of natural radiance is achieved due to the alternation of light and dark shades, between which smooth transitions are made.

It is also worth noting that after bronding you can go without correction for several months if you take care of the saturation of shades (using shampoo and additional care products to preserve color). Since for coloring, tones that are close to natural are selected, the regrown roots will not be evident.


As with any coloring, brondirovanie adversely affects the condition of the hair. Also among the obvious drawbacks - the high cost of this procedure. Each of the types of brondirovaniya requires a careful selection of shades from the master. Only professional can create smooth transitions between shades. In order to preserve the effect of brondirovanie for a long time, you may need to change the usual set of cosmetic hair care products or make one of the procedures aimed at preserving color in the salon.

Who will be booked?

There are no booking bans. However, practice shows that such a dyeing looks best on long hair. It will also allow to emphasize the beauty of the hairstyle to owners of curls of medium length. On short hair, the effect of brondirovaniya will be almost invisible. The severity of the effect of such staining will be a big question on curly and curly locks. The structure of such strands will partly hide the beauty of the created highlights and soft transitions between tones.
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