The nature of the child on the sign of the zodiac: how to choose the section of early development

The horoscope affects the temperament of the child from the first day of his birth. Each sign of the zodiac requires from parents a special approach to education. Knowing the individuality of your child, it will be easier for relatives to understand him and find a common language. After all, his temperament carries the whole world inherent only in this zodiac sign. The horoscope will help to understand which sections to choose for the child and the better to develop it from an early age.

Types of temperament crumbs

Categories of child development can be divided into cognitive, social, psychology and physical. All these criteria are described in the research of psychologists Thomas and Chess. In the course of many developments and works, they identified the main psycho-emotional characteristics that express the state and inner world of the child. According to them, the zodiac features of the signs of the zodiac can be divided. There are 9 categories in total:
  • child is active or more calm;
  • Does the child have a biological regimen of the day (food, sleep, etc.);
  • Does the child knock out of the rut something new? Does a new child lead to anxiety;
  • how quickly the child responds to any stimuli and actions;
  • whether the child quickly mastered in a strange place;
  • how intensely the child reacts to stimulation;
  • which mood is more common in a child, good or bad;
  • how easy it is to shift a child’s attention from one activity to another;
  • what time period the child can devote to the lesson. Is he persistent?
By answering these criteria, you can determine the type of character of the crumbs. Sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic or melancholic. The nature of the child according to the sign of his zodiac can be divided into these groups.

The nature of the child's zodiac signs sanguine

The choleric children include such zodiac signs as Aries and Aquarius. These little guys are capable of creating a whole hurricane. They are noisy and prefer very active and emotional games. More often it is fun with the ball. For this type of children, according to the horoscope, it is necessary to select very carefully fascinating and quiet games. So that you can alternate activity with perseverance. Serenity is the weak point of the crumbs of Aries and the child of Aquarius.

Children with the character choleric horoscope

The nature of the child Aries and mugs for him

The child Aries is a model of the primacy spirit. He does not think of himself without the competitive side of the game. For the crumbs of this zodiac sign, it is important to be first. If this is a team game and there are no first ones, then child Aries will try to be the most significant.

For a small Aries suitable for volleyball, football or athletics. Girls can go in for sports dancing and gymnastics. This will allow to develop responsibility and accuracy in such a child.

The best books in childhood for Aries are "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" or "No sign on the moon."

The nature of the child-Aquarius

Little Aquarius is rebellion and nobility in one bottle. They love noisy companies and play well in a team. Crumbs Aquarius has all the leadership qualities and quickly finds friends.

The activity of the child-Aquarius in his character is enough for several sections. Therefore, it is safe to draw in many circles. With its noisy temperament, Aquarius is well engaged in drawing, music and other creative activities. They have a well developed imagination and because of this, they achieve good results in their favorite business. The children of this zodiac sign are patient and persistent. For the development they will also suit team games.

For reading in childhood, the child-Aquarius with his character fit "Chuk and Huck" and "Five with a tail and other fascinating stories."

Children sanguine and their character

Sagittarius, Gemini, Lions and Scorpios belong to the category of zodiac sanguines. These "zinger" must be taught to concentration and discipline. The active nature of children with this sign of the zodiac does not give much time for one lesson. They often menu interests and are not particularly attached to toys. The main task of parents is to teach the sanguine guys to play team games and take into account the interests of the team.

Children with the character of the sanguine horoscope

Child-Sagittarius and his character

Children born under the sign of Sagittarius are not extremely diligent. They easily give up the work they have started and cannot concentrate. During classes in sections, their parents need to be very careful in order to help them in a timely manner not to drop everything, but to reach the end.

Active children with the sign of Sagittarius are suitable for dancing, basketball, football or cycling.

Tale of the night for little Sagittarius will be "The Ordinary Adventures of Karik and Vali" or "Alice in Wonderland". After all, active children-Sagittarius are very timid and believe in miracles.

Scorpio child and his character

The will power of a scorpion child is so great that it will allow him to become a champion. His steel character allows the crumbs to do qualitatively any hobby. However, twisting a rope from a small Scorpion will not work. When choosing a section, you will have to focus only on his preferences and desires. Children born with this sign of the zodiac are interested in all the mysterious and unknown.

Cycling, swimming, figure skating and running are suitable for active Scorpios. They love everything beautiful and often seek hidden meaning in everything. Therefore, they do everything sensually and selflessly.

You can read Harry Potter or Anderson's Tales as a child in childhood.

The Lion Child and His Character

Little Cubs love to be the center of attention. They are passionate and have a very hot temper. With such a child you need to be able to cope with and properly build a relationship of trust. Choosing a team for a child, Leo, you need to choose a good leader. To crumb did not feel oppressed.

To be visible, regardless of your abilities, you can give a little Lion cub to theatrical sections or dance groups.

Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter are suitable for reading.

Twins child and his character

Gemini active and emotional. They are curious and always on top. With these qualities, Children - Gemini horoscope does not bring trouble to parents. They love their parents and try not to upset them. The weakness of such a child is the lack of perseverance.

For a twin child, you can choose several sections. However, due to their nature, one of them should be artesism. The theater scene will allow them to show all their diversity. A child with this zodiac sign will come up with beautiful sports. Such as swimming, gymnastics or figure skating. Gemini, for all they like logical tasks and they are useful for mental workload.

The Mowgli and Sherlock Holmes Notes are suitable for reading to a twin child.

Children phlegmatic and zodiac sign

Such signs of the zodiac as Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus can be attributed to phlegmatic persons. These children are extremely diligent and careful. They love puzzles and various logical tasks. Phlegmatic horoscope "greedy" to all new and love nature.

Children with the character phlegmatic horoscope

Baby Taurus and his character

The baby of the calf is distinguished by assiduity and slowness. They love to be completely immersed in processors or tasks. These children can not interfere. With all the phlegmatic, little Taurus developed a sense of the beauty of harmony. The task of parents in raising a baby Taurus is to teach him to fantasize and treats everything easier.

A child with the sign Taurus fit measured sports. For example, synchronized swimming, orienteering or weightlifting.

Reading small Taurus for the night is better than good tales about friendship. Such as "Leopold the Cat" or "Three Musketeers."

Child-Virgo and his character

Child-Virgo is not childly prudent and pinchable. Having a philosophical turn of mind, children with such a horoscope sign are very self-critical. They lack lightness and faith in miracles. Parents need to help the child develop reaction and decision-making skills quickly. In the form of a game you need to teach the little Virgin to seek a compromise and find solutions together.

Fichtovanie, snowboarding or tennis will be suitable for children born of Virgo.

To read the child of the Virgin fit "Island Dunno" or "Golden Key".

Child-Capricorn and his character

Capricorn children perform any task well. The main thing is to be encouraged after that. For praise, they are capable of all feats. Such children are smart and persistent. Therefore, much is given to them easily. The Capricorn child is astute and fantasizes very little. Parents better help him with this.

For children, Capricorns are well suited jumping from the springboard into the water, cross-country skiing or athletics.

Before going to bed, a small Capricorn is better to dip not into too unreal fiction. Suitable for reading "Adventure Electronics" or "Two Captains".

Children are melancholic and choosing a section for their zodiac sign

For a melancholic child (cancer, scales, fish), the spirit of competition and competition is extremely undesirable. All classes, at least initially, should be individual. Such crumbs love toys for older age and are quite well versed in complex designers and puzzles. Parents need to create the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for them. This will allow them to be more confident and decisive.

Children with the nature of the melancholic horoscope

Cancer Child and His Character

Babies born under the sign of Cancer are calm and do not particularly like big companies. Parents should help them be more confident and easier to treat others.

The Raku child will enjoy team games, where you do not need to exercise only your own primacy. Volleyball and synchronized swimming will allow them to develop perseverance. Well-suited to creative modeling and drawing.

Little Cancers can read "Carlson who lives on the roof" or "Scarlet Sails".

Child-Libra and his character

Child-Libra is very responsible, so they are anxious about the educational process. Children with this sign of the zodiac have a non-conflict character and easily find a common language with other children.

Scales are not prone to aggression or the use of force. Preference in sports should be given to equestrian sport, skiing or synchronized swimming.

From books to child-weights you can read "Doctor-Aibolit" or "Flower-Seven-flower".

Child-Pisces and his character

Fishes are very suspicious, romantic and have an irresistible craving for the mysterious. Such children love to dream and dream. They do not show a big craving for sports and prefer theater.

Choosing a sport for a child-Pisces is better to prefer swimming, golf or tennis.

For reading small Pisces, the White Bim Black Ear or The Children from the Roaring Street are suitable.

All children are different and have their own characteristics. It is not necessary to demand from the child that it is not inherent. It is better to notice his personal inclinations in time and develop them. Only then the baby will grow up an active and happy child, regardless of the sign of the zodiac.
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