Style Icon: Learning to Dress with Dita Von Teese

The famous burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese is the idol of millions and rightfully proclaimed style icon. Millions of women try to be like her, and men for many years have not ceased to consider the girl incredibly attractive.

A huge number of stores today offer to buy women's clothing online to create the image of a famous dancer. Here are 5 features of the style of the inimitable Dita, which will help find the right in the catalogs.

Little black dress

Dita Von Teese is an ardent supporter of minimalism. She rightly believes that in every woman’s wardrobe there should be a black sheath dress and the most ordinary pumps with very high heels.

Fur all over

The dancer continues to ignore the attacks of animal advocates and uses fur as decoration for any image. Of course, Dita loves to wear coats and coats.


Dita Von Teese loves the fashion of the 40s and with a special thrill refers to the style of pin-up. To create such an image, you can buy a red dress with a fitting silhouette, decorated with floral prints. By the way, approximately of these models is Muse's own clothing line, created by Dita in collaboration with Australian brand David Jones.

Unusual combinations

Celebrity is not afraid to experiment with accessories. At one time, Dita studied the history of fashion, so she adheres to the rules of "compatibility" applicable to the style of the mid-20th century. For example, a girl can safely wear a black dress, picking up for him burgundy gloves to the elbow.

The main thing - to highlight the merits

Dita Von Teese is a happy owner of a chiseled figure. The dancer does not hesitate to choose fitting dresses with an antique silhouette and decollete of inspiring sizes.

“Do not be afraid to experiment with your style! Dita Von Teese is a direct confirmation of these words. The celebrity is not afraid of reincarnation: today she can buy a red dress with a deep neckline, and tomorrow she can wear men's flared trousers and a closed white shirt.

To become as bright and unique as Dita, it will not be enough to buy a red pin-up dress. Remember that fashion is created not by things, but by their right combination.
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