Sexual education of the child: when is it time to talk about it

In different countries, early sexual education is included in the program of preschool educational institutions. However, we have this mission assigned to parents. At this time, many of them leave this scrawny subject in the shadows. The child grows up and scoops up information from television and the stories of friends. This leads to a distorted perception of sex-relationship and may cause behavior problems. Talking to a child about sex is necessary for parents. Only when to start a scrupulous topic?

When to talk

Talking to a child about sex should be when he can understand you. Usually this topic raises around three years. This does not mean that you need to put a crumb in front of you and tell him about the sexual act. Sexual education of a child at this age is limited to an understanding of his gender. The child needs to be told how boys differ from girls, and also to convey that the relationship between a man and a woman is very frank and intimate. That when people love each other, they have a family and a child in it.

It is important to speak calmly and not be embarrassed. A child should not think that being a girl or a boy is something shameful. The task of parents at this age to explain to the child that the genitals are personal. In our society, it is not customary to view or display them. People wear underwear and do not touch themselves in society.

Before puberty, you need to talk about how the child's body changes. Girls need to tell in advance about menstruation. Boys explain about the field. Do not do this to parents of the opposite sex. If the parent is one, then it is preferable to consult a specialist.

Personal granny: girls say no - boys respect it

So that at the age of maturity your child can sensibly assess the situation, sexual education should be conducted in everything. The main stage is the formation of the child’s personal space and boundaries.

Explain to the child that there are human boundaries that he has the right to place, it is not worth it. Better subconscious to form this moment. It all starts with early childhood. If the child says: I’m shy, then we eliminate this factor. Parents should wear it on the beach, go out of the bath and not watch when the child changes clothes. So a girl or boy will know that there are boundaries. If someone is not comfortable, it must be respected. The parents of the child can also tell him: I am not comfortable. Go out, I want to change.

In adolescence, boys and girls need to be raised in different ways. Guys should be told that you need to be sensitive to a woman. The failure of the girl should not be taken as a personal defeat. It is necessary to explain to the boy that the girl may simply not be ready. You need to wait. It is important to convey that sex is not a constant physical process. This is a moment of high intimacy and good, so that he feels comfortable and close with this girl. Sex should occur only by mutual desire and at the right time.

Girls need to also explain about the high emotional value of sex. Emphasis should be placed on the formation of an emotional connection and a sound view of the situation. In addition, the growing up girl should be warned that there are ambiguous situations. She should always think about her safety and assume that the guy might misunderstand her. That her behavior can be perceived as consent to sex. A girl should clearly set the boundaries and be able to immediately make it clear that she is not ready for sexual contact.

Both the boy and the girl need to be explained that sexual relations are different. It can be dirty, romantically, genuinely and not. And only he is responsible for his sex life. It is necessary to properly relate to a partner in order to form it.


It’s worth talking about contraception since puberty. It is necessary to convey that now in the body of girls mature eggs. And in the body of boys ripen sperm. They are ready for fertilization. This process does not depend on psycho-emotional development or desire. Children get from unprotected sex.

By age 14, you need to start talking about the importance of contraception with double enthusiasm. It is better not to get personal and not to tell the child about sex by example. All dialogue to build in the third person. It is necessary to tell that children appear from the first sex, from sex during menstruation and about other myths. The fact that interrupted sexual intercourse does not protect is also worth explaining. The conversation can begin after 14 years. You need to look at the child, how much frank topics should be touched.

When a parent speaks about contraception with a child, you should not omit the topic of sexually transmitted diseases. The blow must be put on an immature organism and a huge stress for it. To say that you need to be completely confident in your partner while still using barrier methods of contraception, condoms.

Tell your child that a person may not know that he is a carrier of diseases. That even a virgin can be sick. Protected necessarily. Talking with a partner about condoms is not a shame. It is important.
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