Down with your dressing gown! How to look stylish and well-groomed at home?

Before going out we carefully select our own image. How not to dress up, if you go to the office every day, meet with partners and communicate with colleagues. Yes, and people around us are accustomed to seeing us well-groomed and fashionably dressed. But as soon as we return to our native penates, we immediately put on a worn robe, we braid our hair in a careless bunch and put on absurd sneakers. Enough, look at the whole hundred just outside the house. Be beautiful every night, as well as on weekends.


What do we often wear at home? These are old washed-up things that were once worn at work. It's a pity to throw out. More - shapeless hoodies, trousers and men's T-shirts. The main thing is to feel comfortable and practical. But it's unattractive and miserable.

The main enemy of home appearance is a favorite terry robe. Psychologists argue that the frequent wearing of such clothes relaxes and slows things down. As a result, you sit in front of the TV and swallow candy. From this and excess weight, and a decrease in libido.

Respect yourself, get rid of unnecessary rags and buy yourself worthy things. And use a bathrobe only after bath procedures.

Terry robe - evil! Wear it only when you leave the bathroom

Let's pick up a home outfit. We offer the following types of clothing.


This is an excellent option for feminine natures. In the summer, give preference to dresses of free cut from natural materials. So your movements will be easy and free.

If the apartment is cool, pay attention to crocheted or other warmed specimens.


This kind of clothes is suitable for energetic and sporting individuals. In the warm season choose short shorts and T-shirts, in the cold - wear loose trim pants and a turtleneck.

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and free time you give to home training, leggings and a spacious tunic are suitable clothes.

Home fashion suit is always good - it does not constrain movements and looks stylish. Even the unexpected visit of the guests will not embarrass you.


If you do not like the dress, and the costume seems unfeminine, buy a skirt. Choose a comfortable, not too short, naryunchuyuschy thing. So you will look neat and tidy. To the skirt, put on your favorite shirt, only a normal "commodity" kind - not wiped up to holes. When the house is cold, a cozy blouse will suit.

Light, comfortable and flowing home skirt will make you attractive


This is the closest relative of the robe. Of course, in such a gizmo you will not clean up and sit in front of the TV in the family circle. But, to please a loved one or prolong the morning of a day off is easy. In a negligee you feel comfortable, exquisite and seductive. Take an example from Eastern women who show the best outfits only to their husbands.


The home wardrobe is already full. Now take up shoes. It is not necessary to choose boats on stiletto heels, because in an apartment this looks inappropriate. But worn ragged sneakers are not combined with a nice skirt or elegant dress. Buy soft ballet shoes or light sneakers for your home. If you can not do without slippers, pick yourself a pretty model. And for the holiday shoes on a two-centimeter heel will do.


To feel charming and self-confident, to put on a pretty dress or a suitable suit is not enough. Put your hair in order. After all, a neat haircut - the finishing touch in completing the home image. Do not wind curlers, just brush or tie your hair in a neat tail. Yes, and do not go to the apartment with a dirty head. This is a sign of sloppiness.

Clean, combed hair complements the well-groomed home image

Look after yourself, dress up, wear pretty things. Be charming and attractive 24 hours a day.
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