The best horror films of 2018

In 2108, a lot of interesting and decent films in the genre of horrors and mysticism came out, and I wanted to collect the highest rated and best films according to the reviews of film critics. In this collection, everyone will surely find "his" movie, and will get his share of adrenaline from watching a picture.

"Quiet place" (USA)

The film in the genre: Thriller / horror / fantasy.

A quiet couple, two kids, only this family is not like everyone else. Parents have developed their own, special method of communication, and also taught to communicate their children. They do not speak at all, even in a whisper, but they do everything only with the help of gestures, emotions and facial expressions. In this way they try to escape from evil, but from which particular?

Leave the intrigue. The outcome is at least unexpected.

"Ghost Country" (Canada / France)

The film in the genre: horrors.

The girl Beth had a tragedy, and she had to leave her home. But she had no idea, very soon she would need to go back there. and once again recall in detail what happened on that terrible day. The house has completely collapsed, the mother of our heroine and her sister still lives in it, and they constantly talk about ghosts. Bat decided that they were just slowly going crazy, but circumstances forced to change their mind.

So what is it? Madness or otherworldly forces?

"Annihilation" (USA / UK)

The film in the genre: fantasy / horror / fantasy.

A strange disaster struck the Earth, and the main thing is that it causes the most unexpected consequences. A small meteorite fell, but this is only a small link in a whole chain of events. The meteorite fell into the lighthouse, which was located in a remote area, and its impact greatly changed the surrounding area. Brave Lina is a biologist by profession and, due to circumstances, falls into the aura of this area.

What awaits her, and how will the events turn?

"Not in yourself" (USA)

The film in the genre: horrors / thriller.

The girl wants to escape from the problems and accumulated difficulties and leave her home. Change jobs and get away from trouble. But everything goes against her, and by chance, the girl gets into a clinic for the mentally ill, where she will be left alone with her fears. The girl does not know how to live and what to do, but can figure out what it is, a true evil or the fruit of her imagination.

Curse of the Nun (USA)

The film in the genre: a detective / thriller / horrors.

It was in Romania, mysticism is circling around the local convent, where one of the very young nuns committed a great sin - committed suicide. The whole tragedy was kept in the walls of this ancient building, but the tutor could not be silent, he remembered the terrible confession of a poor girl, and decided to transfer it to the higher ranks in the Vatican. From the Vatican are sent to Romania, the Holy Father Burke and sister Airen, in order to find out and understand what happened.

And here opens a long-standing legend of this place, but what is there in it that pushed the girl to suicide?

"Truth or Action" (USA)

The film in the genre: thriller / horror.

At first glance, the simplest game that teenagers often play, but literally in one second everything can change, and this fun will grow into a real race for death, dangerous and scary. And then supernatural beings will join the game, and obviously not with good intentions. When a participant begins to lie or play by the rules. need to be prepared for severe and severe punishment. Only one will win, and who exactly this will be, the players themselves must determine.

"Fairy" (India)

Movie in the genre: detective / horror.

Arnab is happy, he finally had an engagement with his lover, he is sure that they are together for life. But the holiday is over, and he needs to return to his city, he was tired, the road is far and difficult, and on the way he knocks down an old woman. He did not leave her and tried to save, reanimate, but nothing came of it. After this event, the inexplicable began.

The guy met a wonderful girl, but something is wrong. . . What will this relationship lead to and what lies behind everything that happens?

"Astral 4: the last key" (USA)

He is a good psychic and tries to help people, talks to the dead and passes the dialogue to their loved ones. And so he met a girl named Eliza, she suffered a complex emotional trauma as a child, and still suffers from it - the girl is pursued by something that lives in her basement.

Can a psychic help her?

"Winchester: the house that built the ghost (USA / Australia)

The film in the genre: thriller / fantasy / horrors.

Sarah - inherited the arms company, the woman is closed and a bit strange, she lives alone, in a large building of 7 floors. The architecture of the building is strange, more like a tangled illogical labyrinth. The mansion is constantly being rebuilt, but they only do it for their beloved niece.

Why and what hide these labyrinths?

Insomania (Spain)

The film in the genre: a detective / thriller / horrors.

The theater troupe plans to stage a new plot of the play, the actors are included in the images. so that everything was as natural and natural as possible. One of the girls - Bianca, a young, talented but not yet famous actress, went along with the entire troupe to an abandoned mental hospital, where, to translate into the role, they all have to spend some time there and not fall asleep. Why such difficulties and how it all turns out - we learn from the tape.

Reincarnation (USA)

The film in the genre: drama / thriller / horrors.

Annie is a very sweet and nice girl who recently lost her mother. After the death of a woman, strange and frightening events begin to occur in the house. The girl understands that her life and her family are at risk, but how to save the situation, if every day everything is only getting worse? It turns out that a terrible curse lies on the family, will the girl cope or will the evil conquer?

In conclusion

Of course, this is not a complete list of decent horror films, but as long as we’ll dwell on this compilation, I’m sure you’ll certainly find which film will dilute your evening, and you won’t regret the time spent.

Have a nice watching!
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