How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

They say that appearance is not the main thing, but flaws on the face, can not only spoil the mood, but also have a negative impact on various spheres of life. Tricks, in the fight for the beauty of a lot, but everything will be ineffectual if there are ugly dark circles under the eyes. Well, let's try to get rid of them?

Ways to solve the problem

Almost every third girl faces such a problem, most of them calm themselves that they appeared due to constant lack of sleep, the terrible atmosphere of the city, and genes. And yet they do not cease to dream and look for ways to get rid of the “dark halos” under their eyes forever. But so that the war with the hated dark circles was effective, it is necessary to study in more detail the nature of the appearance of such a "decoration"

Sources of "bags"

One of the main reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes is, in fact, overwork and lack of sleep. Many people faced a stressful period at work or in school, when there was a catastrophically short time for sleeping, and the result of overwork was displayed on the face.

Another reason is alcohol and cigarettes. That is why lovers of alcohol and cigarettes may soon become the owners of "such a decoration." The reason is quite simple: the skin of those who often consume alcohol and smokes a lot, becomes more vulnerable to various irritations and prone to early aging.

Girls who love fat, not balanced food can "boast" not only bags under the eyes, but also poor health in general.

No less common cause - genes. If the parents have blood suckers too close under the skin of the eyelids, and this is how they explain the natural origin of the “dark circles”, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the near future you will become a “happy owner of such decoration” genes are quite strong, and in this case Cosmetics will not be able to help in getting rid of dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes may appear due to chronic illness, or abnormal functioning of the internal organs. Most often, “such a signal” is used: the cardiovascular system, the kidneys and liver, the thyroid gland, the kidneys, the gallbladder and others, in this way they tell you that it is time to pay attention to health.

Incorrectly selected cosmetic things for face care. The external environment and the dubious quality of cheap cosmetics can cause the formation of circles to avoid this result, you need to follow a few simple rules. Such as: wash with cool water, wash makeup before going to bed at night, avoid the following mistakes: rub the delicate skin of the face very strongly, apply cosmetic products for the face by clapping hand movements, and read the labels on the cosmetics carefully.

Preventive action

One of the main rules of counteracting the occurrence of dark halos under the eyes is a healthy eight-hour sleep, and it is necessary to fall at the same time and in time. Because night sleep can not be replaced by daytime. In addition, it is recommended to walk as much as possible and spend as little time as possible in front of the TV, eat fruits and drink vitamins, and also undergo examinations with doctors.

Eye masks and creams

To make the skin around the eyes look healthy, you can apply masks and creams, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or you can do it yourself. Here are the most famous recipes: you need to take finely chopped parsley and sour cream 20%, mix and apply this composition under the eyes for fifteen minutes. Moisten cotton wool in green warm tea and apply on eyes for 20-30 minutes. Also use apple slices for making masks and cottage cheese.

Face massage

In countering with dark circles, an effective way is to massage the eyes, which is done as follows: you need to dissolve a teaspoon with honey in lukewarm water, moisten your fingers and lightly patting from the temple to the corner of the eyes. Repeating these movements for five minutes, after that you need to push hard in the same direction. After the end of the massage, anoint the skin around the eye halo with a cream. Thanks to this exercise, the outflow and stimulation of blood occurs.

Eye charge

In the war with dark bags will not be superfluous and charging for the eyes. For example, such a simple exercise: You need to select some point at a certain distance, and then quickly look at a nearby point object. Repeat this action should be fifteen to ten times. And it is recommended to concentrate the view on a green background, which is far away. Gymnastics for the eyes should be done twice a day.

Surgical intervention

In the case when all the above mentioned methods did not help, you can turn to a cosmetic procedure for help - blepharoplasty is a surgical operation, thanks to which you can forget about dark circles under your eyes for a long time.

Cosmetics, Concealers

But for those who are not ready to go for such radical measures as an operation, they can try different concealers and highlighters who will help to correct and hide dark circles. The main rule - it is necessary to choose a tool that is suitable for the type of skin.

Thus, there are a lot of methods for solving “dark circles under the eyes”. But this does not mean that it is necessary to use it at random and apply everything at once, first it is necessary to understand the nature of the appearance of “halos”, and only then begin to act.

And the main advice to prevent the emergence of dark halos - more rest, walk, and get enough sleep, and then your eyes will shine with happiness, and no "bags under the eyes," you will not be afraid.
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