How to live, not to suffer after parting

After parting, you feel that the whole world has turned over, the meaning of life is like lost? Are you scared and anxious alone, even if the relationship has not been happy lately? Well, it's time to learn the main lesson.

Relations - not the meaning of life

Do not rush to protest. Paradoxically, it's when you set the main goal of finding the second half that you risk not creating a strong relationship full of love. Many women have firmly established negative attitudes such as: "Without a man, I feel inadequate," "it is impossible to be happy if there is no relationship." Actively programmed around this with their own comments. Like, there are no good men left, and it is necessary to take almost the first person who does not beat / drink, love and tolerate him. The trouble is that when you find a man for whom you are clinging in fear, build up a relationship with him in a mission, begin to sacrifice everything else than was filled with your life, the outcome is predetermined. Either you for years will endure a man with whom you will not be happy, or parted and immersed in such an emotional pit that will not want to live. The reason is simple.
After parting, you will not have any ways to make yourself happy, because you have lost all your interests, yourself as a person.
Perhaps even refused all friends "for the sake of a loved one." The more you sacrificed, which no one appreciated, the longer you will assemble yourself in pieces.

Another person can not give happiness

Do not cling to relationships as the only opportunity to live life to the fullest. The truth is that until you learn to be happy, regardless of any circumstances, no one will give you this feeling. You run the risk of building relationships again and again, based not on love, but on dependence. You will attract similar men who do not see meaning in life without the so-called second half. Such relationships are doomed to become unhappy when you give each other the little that you have.

In this case, you will explain not the most pleasant situations in your favor: good, rich imagination allows. So, you regard the indifference of a partner as a desire to hide emotions, and to any manifestation of disrespect you will dream that this is temporary. In fact, people practically do not change, but as long as you focus on one man as a source of happiness, you will endlessly seek him excuses and suffer.

Rules of behavior after parting

Do not hurry to dull the pain by jumping into a new relationship: everything will be the same in them as in the previous ones. Take a pause at least for six months and devote it to work on yourself: attend good trainings, read the books of famous psychologists.

Form an adequate circle of communication. Let it not remain those who project their own fears on the topic: "The clock is ticking, and you are all alone." Go back to what pleased you until the relationship ended, or find a new hobby.

When you learn to enjoy your freedom, cultivate self-esteem, you will have much more chances to build healthy and long relationships.
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