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The era of new technologies is moving steadily forward. Nowadays, robots not only perform a home and intellectual robot - now they can also let go of their sins. Chinese scientists from the company "Nisseieco Co" created a cute robot, which is programmed to read the scriptures at the funeral of Buddhists. The creation was called Pepper (Perchik). Most Chinese believe that Perchik can not cope with duties as well as a living priest. Nevertheless, the robot's works are much cheaper - only 454 dollars. While a Buddhist priest will ask for about 2 thousand. So there is something to ponder over.

Robots can do their homework

Big jackpot

It seems that in North Carolina next door are a kind fairy, Santa Claus and Guy Ricci. Otherwise how to explain the fact that in just a few months, the people of the state managed to win millions of dollars? The big jackpot managed to be ripped off by the usual resident of the States Kimberly Morris, who managed to win 10 thousand dollars, decided to take another chance - and got 1 million. Tracey Reynolds also did not think about winning and bought a ticket to try your luck. It brought him only $ 60, but the man was already seized with excitement, and he bought one more - with a million inside. Michel Schalffer and her husband suffered a similar and very pleasant fate: the couple got 1 million absolutely by accident, buying two lottery tickets with a difference of only one hour. The prize payment was decided to stretch for 20 years to invest finances in the education of children.

If the day is successful, it is always worth a try again!

Hungry and angry

All of us sometimes need to freeze the worm. Probably, a resident of the United States just wanted to have a snack after a long day's work. The woman approached the window McDrive. However, the service staff for some reason was not in place. Without thinking twice, the American decided to serve herself and tried to get into the window to make herself a coffee. But even then the workers did not hurry to approach the embittered client. Tired of hunger and anticipation, the woman simply entered the hall and grabbed a box of hamburgers. Considering this a lack of moral compensation, she set about making toys for Happy Money, then rummaged around the box office, shamelessly stealing 1400 dollars from there. It is worth noting, she did it all with a cold calm and was in the room for about half an hour. During this time, only the cameras were watching the disgrace that was going on in the cafe. These are the pies ... that is, the hamburgers. That's what fast food pushes ordinary mortals.

Even fast food can become an attractive prey. Hunger is a terrible power!

And how do you like the twists and turns of events? Have you ever won a lottery? Share in the comments.
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