4 causes of migraines

Did you know that the spirits are often dizzy? But do not rush to part with the usual bottles, but be careful when choosing a flavor for your own birthday. This article will tell you how to identify the cause of sudden pain in the temples and find ways to solve it. And then your favorite perfume compositions will please you for many more years.

1. The sad past

How do we, women, like to scroll past past events, both joyful and negative. Again, feel the emotions experienced by us pushing everyday things, including perfume.

Remember what kind of toilet water you were choking on, when half a year ago the formidable boss pointed you to the door? And what kind of flavor from Christian Dior so harmonized with your elegant handbag when it was stolen in the subway? Yes, yes, yes, now these smells will involuntarily be associated with heartbreaking episodes in life. And the body reacts in an odd way to emotional overload - a spasm of blood vessels and pain in the head begin.

What to do?

If the memories are still troubling, put off the provocateur spirits for a while in the nightstand. Return to adored fragrances when anger from resentment and disappointment fades. In the meantime, experiment - discover new bouquets and daring shades from the guru of the perfume industry.

2. "Allergy" - how are you inopportunely!

Eau de toilette, perfumes, deodorants periodically cause allergies. And even the price of the treasured box does not affect this. Experts consider the strongest allergens synthetic preservatives: geraniol, limonene, benzyl benzoate and other harmful substances.

But the classical chords are also dangerous. If you are sensitive to the sharp notes of vanilla, jasmine or spices, discard the chosen option. Do not ignore it, otherwise the pain in your head will not leave you. However, a migraine does not appear immediately - 5 hours after the application of the perfume, when the fragrance is completely opened.

You can not stand the smell of rose, peony, orchid or nasturtium? But these floral shades often play the first violin in captivating compositions. Such bright accents can spoil the mood of every lady suffering from allergies. Yes, in addition to migraine, runny nose and skin rashes are possible.

If you are sensitive to the scent of a rose - do not choose perfume with such accent!

How to be?

Before choosing the fragrances, carefully read the perfume composition on the package. Avoid the aggressive allergens mentioned above.

3. Supersaturation of the body

Smells surround us everywhere, the goods of household chemistry and beauty are not an exception. We buy cleaning gels, conditioners for laundry, shampoos, balms for hair and do not know about the dirty trick. After all, "sweet" perfume manufacturers add even to toilet paper.

Excess incense irritates the fragrant center, which is located in our brain. Therefore, breathing in for a day with such an amber, you feel unwell in the evening. Yes, and your favorite deodorant adds to this spoonful of tar.

There is a way out!

Use hygienic products without fragrances and say "no" to powders with a pungent odor. Choose soft aquatic perfume.

Before you buy a well-known brand, apply a couple drops on your wrist, hair or shoulders. These zones will help you better "grasp" the fragrance and understand if this is appropriate for you or not.

By the way, drugs with ibuprofen help to relieve the headache. Take the tablets with you if you are going to a meeting with a lover of vanilla compositions or plan to choose a husband a gift in the cosmetic department.

4. You are pregnant!

Most women in an interesting situation suffer from toxicosis. Attacks of nausea provoke everything, even milk to remove makeup, whey and hand soap. If you are pregnant, then do not be surprised that another portion of perfume will lead to a malfunction in the body. So the immune system reacts to external aggressors and thereby protects the future child.

Are you waiting for the heir? Refuse about sharp smells, soft means - an ideal variant!

How to avoid this?

While waiting for the baby, forget about the provocative stimuli. Choose the kind of toilet water that will not lead to a lamentable result. For example, a hair haze. This is a soft fragrance, and a gentle care product. It is possible that after your birth your taste will change.

Come to the choice of perfume with the mind and be healthy!
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