And let's talk! 7 secrets of perfect communication

How long have you talked with close people, shared impressions, thoughts and experiences? And when was the last time you talked with business partners to sign a profitable contract? If it's hard to remember, it's time to become understanding listeners and interesting interlocutors. You will attract the right people, achieve success in your career and improve your personal life.

Lack of communication is the main problem of our time. People stopped talking to each other. Global issues and everyday business are now solved with the help of telephone buttons. Moreover, young people and the older generation are exchanging messages. Men have completely lost their conscience - they invite girls to date by SMS.

The ability to communicate is a prerequisite for establishing relations with relatives and colleagues. What is surprising, thousands of people are not able to agree even with family members, and some individuals - find the language with the first counter.

Pumping skills in all spheres of life, do not be lazy. You will become a successful, happy and harmonious person.

How to do it? Here are 7 secrets for constructing a productive conversation.

1. Be disposed to a conversation

The main thing in communication is the very desire to talk with a person. Without this, no conversation will develop.

If you communicate with a person stiffly, through your teeth - it will not lead to anything good. Tune in to a positive mood. But avoid unpleasant and repulsive people.

12. Smile more often.

Do you think it is possible to entrust a serious matter to a gloomy person? Will not the unsmiling passer-by draw attention to himself? Work on your own mood.

Every conversation started with a smile, has to you an interlocutor. Do not neglect it. So you show that you are friendly to people and open to constructive dialogue. By the way, even in a conversation on the phone the partner feels your high spirits.

Smile - this is a great chance to put any person to yourself!

3. Be an attentive listener

To start persistently and detailing your own point of view is an incorrect step. This behavior on your part prevents the establishment of contact with a person.

Arrange to yourself the interlocutor, be attentive, understanding and grateful to the listener. Respect the narrator, do not interrupt his speech and do not get distracted on the sides.

4. Do not get carried away with criticism

Often our views do not coincide with those of other people. But this is not an excuse to quarrel and criticize the interlocutor, insisting on his own.

Be more diplomatic with the person with whom you are talking. Talk more about what your points of view coincide. Ask questions that lead to a positive response. So you'll get easier when you talk. If you want to tell a person to make a mistake, do it gently and at ease.

5. Do not continue the phrases behind the interlocutor

How you want sometimes to end this or that phrase for a loved one. But this will not be his thought, but ours.

Be patient and listen to the speaker to the end. Do not make suggestions for it. Otherwise, the interlocutor will decide that his mental and oratorical abilities are lower than yours.

6. Talk less about yourself

Each person has a rich life experience, which he wants to share with others. But remember that a long monologue tires and annoys a person.

If you are not asked, limit yourself to simple, unobtrusive phrases. It will be tactful. When they want to know more about you - then speak, but do not overload the listener with information. Do not forget at the end of the revelation to ask the interlocutor to share his opinion about what was heard.

7. Be inquisitive

For a pleasant and easy communication it is important to have your own point of view. And for this you need to develop comprehensively, take an interest in the world and read wise books.

Find things to their liking, go in for sports, watch cognitive programs - and you will not be called boring person.

Books make us wise and fully developed!

Be such an interlocutor with whom you want to talk every day.
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