6 products for women's beauty

Regardless of the internal state, a woman always wants to look beautiful. Therefore, cosmetologists are visited, rejuvenating procedures and still different methods are used to maintain attractiveness. But it's also worth remembering that balanced nutrition is important for a beautiful appearance. If a person does not receive the necessary nutrients, it all affects the hair, skin and nails. This is especially noticeable with the onset of spring, because the body is weakened after the cold and lack of vitamins.

There are 6 products that, besides caring cosmetics, will help a woman to make supple skin, shiny hair, long nails and shining eyes.

1. Green salads

In such salads, a high content of iron and antioxidants. Their daily presence in the diet gradually improves unhealthy skin, since antioxidants relieve inflammation and improve blood circulation. Iron contained in the salad carries oxygen. Therefore, the skin becomes more elastic and healthy.

2. Natural yoghurt

Low fat yogurt without added sugar is a good source of calcium and probiotics. A small amount of calories does not help to gain excess weight. If there is it daily - this will help to avoid osteoporosis.

3. Spinach

This delicious product is rich in vitamins and nutrients. The content of lutein helps to maintain vision, Vitamins, omega-3 fats, magnesium and potassium are useful for the strength of nails and the shine of hair. Use in conjunction with protein products will enhance its effect.

4. Kiwis

This fruit contains vitamin C and covers the daily requirement for this vitamin. And also it has a lot of folic acid. Its use will establish heart activity, protect against breast cancer.

5. Pumpkin seeds

With hair loss one of the symptoms is a lack of zinc in the body. And in pumpkin seeds, there are important fatty acids and zinc. Since this is a high-calorie product, it is sufficient to add it to your food no more than twenty grams.

6. Flax seeds

The high content of vitamins, selenium and polyunsaturated fats make this product indispensable for women's health. Seeds can be added to porridge or sour milk drinks in whole or in a milled form.

Thanks to the constant use of these products, women's beauty will last for many years.
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