What to see on the weekends? Developing cartoons for the whole family

Tell me, have you communicated with your own children for a long time? Weekends - it's time to get together with a big happy family. And do not just chat a couple of free hours, and watch developing cartoons. They will be useful to both children and adults. Sit down in front of the TV screen and immerse yourself in a world of sincere feelings, bright emotions and cherished desires. Here are the cartoons, which are worth seeing both parents and children of school age.


"What does your child dream about?" "," What is written in his eyes, in which the thirst for knowledge of the world is sparkling? "," How to help a child realize his secret desires? " ".

If you do not know the answers to the questions, see the French story about the "Ballerina" children's dream.

The girl Felis and her friend Victor are orphans. Baby from childhood dreams of becoming a ballet prima, and her friend is a great inventor.

Once the heroes flee from the orphanage. Supporters support each other in everything and believe that they can conquer Paris.

Soon Felis enters the ballet school, but is convinced that becoming a dance diva is not easy. Victor also settles in the studio of the famous Parisian inventor.

Young dreamers fall into difficult situations, get to know people and go through a maelstrom of difficulties. What will happen next?

Persistence and work will help in achieving the cherished dream - explain it to the children!

"Stay by yourself, so that it does not happen!" "- this is the idea that the creators of the" Ballerina "invested in the animated masterpiece. Indeed, the heroine remains true to herself until the end of the story. Yes, Felis from a plain-looking duckling turns into a wonderful swan. But optimism, love of life, faith in one's own strength and perseverance remain unchanged in the child.


Who do you think controls our mood, guides behavior and shapes character?

Reply to this and other questions will help the family animated comedy "Puzzle."

The main character of the story is the cheerful and inquisitive girl Riley. An eleven-year-old schoolgirl lives with her family in a small provincial town.

The girl is having fun and smiling at the world. The feelings and emotions that live in the soul of a little heroine are natural. Riley enjoys the sun, sometimes sad, afraid of change, angry at boys, and treats sloths with disgust. Emotions are friends among themselves, help the little girl to experience adversity and manage her actions.

When Riley and his parents move to San Francisco, the idyll ceases. Here the girl fears the unknown and experiences how her new city will meet her. Incredible things happen in the child's head. Between the feelings there is a serious conflict. Every emotion tries to prove that it is more necessary for the hostess. The heroine loses control and falls into apathy.

Parents are saddened by the strange behavior of their daughter and think how to help her. The main heroine needs to restore order in the head, pacify the raging emotions and teach them to live peacefully.

Mental balance and order in the head make the child happy, joyful and harmonious

Will feelings be able to cope with a difficult situation, restore mental equilibrium and help the schoolgirl to adapt to a new place of residence? Watch the cartoon and learn from the heroine how she easily copes with life's difficulties.


"To appreciate people for their rich inner world, not paying attention to the appearance and position in society" - an important human quality.

To once again make sure of this and teach the children good nature, look at the fascinating cartoon "Ratatouille".

Meet the cheerful hero of the story - a rat Remy. The rodent has a rare sense of smell and an amazing sense of taste. Zverek dreams of becoming a cook. One day the rat sees a broadcast about the famous chef Auguste Gusto. This overturns Remy's life inside out.

Having learned about the vile tenants of his cellar, the mistress drives the animals far away. The flow of sewage carries Remy to the unknown part of the city. The spirit of the deceased Gusto inspires the rodent and makes him go forward.

Here they are, the restaurant door of the beloved maestro. There is now ruled by another chef. A young kitchen worker Linguini does not understand cooking and accidentally spoils the dish. Remy can not ignore this madness and correct the situation. Visitors to the institution rejoice! But such an act the rat called upon to itself trouble - the young cook is instructed to ruin the rodent.

The guy is getting close to Remy, and friends plan to work together. What will happen to your favorite restaurant in the future, will the heroes find their shelter?

This is an instructive story about friendship, joint work and mutual assistance. And also - about the painstaking and persistent way to the dream.

Friendship and mutual help are important for the development of the child's personality!

Do not forget to discuss cartoons with children. Then these stories will remain in the child's memory for a long time and will help him to overcome life's difficulties more easily.

Pleasant viewing and bright impressions!
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