Proper nutrition with breastfeeding

Milk of mother acts as the best food for the child. Breastfeeding gives crumbs strong immunity and helps create a good "mother and baby" relationship. Therefore, you need to carefully decide the question: what is there for mother during breastfeeding and how to organize your menu correctly.

Diet from the first days

Milk in the body is produced from particles of blood plasma. It almost does not affect the mother's diet. The composition of milk varies only for the child's age requirements. All that is needed for crumbs and so goes into milk. The diet should be organized to ensure the health of the mother.

From the very birth, the baby's diet regime is organized on demand. This will help not only to establish lactation, but also to prevent the stagnation of milk.

What the mother eats during breastfeeding can affect the condition of the crumbs. For example, cause colic or allergy. It is especially important to think over the menu of the nursing mother for the first months after the birth of the child.

Feeding the wet nurse in the first months and months after the birth of the crumb should be complete and include:
  • Milk. In the day you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir, without additives. A young mother in the first months of breastfeeding can eat curd every other day. Also low-fat cheese and sour cream;
  • Meat products. Meat can be eaten the next day after birth. Preference in the nursing menu should be given to rabbit, turkey, veal and other low-fat meat;
  • Vegetables. Cooking vegetables should be baked, boiling or preparing for a couple. Prefer to eat your mother in the first three months, better zucchini, broccoli, color card and potatoes. You can add a small amount of carrots to the soup or shallot;
  • Sunflower oil. You can use it as a gas station. The first three months of breastfeeding are better only with unrefined sunflower oil;
  • Greens can be eaten with natural feeding in dried and fresh form;
  • Cereals. Kashi can be cooked on water from gluten-free cereals (rice, buckwheat, corn, etc.)
This list can be attributed to the desired menu in the first week of the child. After that, you can add other products. Categorically it is impossible in the first three months of breastfeeding:
  • Onion. It is not harmful for crumbs and it can be used in the ration of a nursing mother. However, it changes the taste qualities of mother's milk and the baby can give up breast;
  • Bright fruits and juices from them;
  • Vegetables. Radish, sweet bell peppers, cabbage;
  • Eggs;
  • Chocolate, honey and dried fruits;
  • Nuts;
  • Meat broth;
  • Canned food. Including home;
  • Yeast baked goods;
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and fizzy drinks;
  • Cow's milk;
  • Seafood;
  • Bean products;
Lovers of pasta can pamper themselves once a week with dishes from products of solid varieties. However, you can eat your nursing mother only if the child is well.

Menu for mother nursing a child 3-6 months

After three months of feeding the young mother's menu can not be called scant. At this time, most children have colic and breastfeeding is being established. Therefore, the menu can be significantly expanded. You can add:
  • Onions and not spicy spices;
  • Home-made juices from non-allergenic fruits and vegetables;
  • honey;
  • cereals with gluten;
The diet for HS is to be expanded gradually. Introduce unfamiliar products better one by one in 3 days. These days you need to monitor the skin and health of the child. This is necessary to prevent allergic reactions. If the child feels well, then the menu can be expanded.

Breastfeeding after 6 months and the nursing mother's menu

After 6 months of crumbs, a young mother can try to eat Legumes, sea fish and meat of fatty varieties (lamb and pork). You can gradually add all the products, but you need to exclude:
  • Ice cream, processed cheese and drinks with gas;
  • Instant coffee and tea bags;
  • canned food, smoking, semi-finished products and sausages;
Despite the fact that too strict a diet for breastfeeding should not be respected, you must carefully consider the choice of foods for your table.

Nutrition and the nursing mother's menu should be full and balanced. No diets for weight loss can not be observed.
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