What needs to be done in Belgium?

This country is great for a varied and interesting tour. She is beautiful, unusual, with her own special mood and character. So, what items need to be performed without fail if you flew to Belgium? I'm telling you!

Visit the gothic cathedral

This is one of the features of the country - there are a lot of old big cathedrals in it, one is more beautiful than the other. Moreover, unlike other European countries, in Belgium the entrance to these cathedrals is often free - it is a sin not to use it! They amaze with their grandeur, eccentricity and convey all the magnificence of such structures. This is a must see for everyone!

Try the local cuisine

Belgium is famous all over the world for its waffles, beer and chocolate. However, a little dirty trick may be waiting for you about the latter: there are sweets from around the world in Belgian stores, it is likely that you can mistakenly buy not true Belgian chocolate, but one that huge factories supply to your country too. What is the point of taking it from afar? In short, on the label you need to pay attention to where the sweet tile is made. Waffles can be asked in any cafe, this is almost a local landmark. It is advisable to go for a beer in Bruges, it is this city that positions itself as a center for brewing. And Ghent will be able to please all gourmets with unique homemade cheeses.

Admire the medieval architecture

In the cities of Belgium, wherever you go, as the diamonds are scattered buildings of the Middle Ages. This will be especially significant for those tourists who are interested in this period of history: ancient castles, mansions, towers of large stone. . All this is truly unique and worthy of attention.

Ride a bike

Bicycles in Belgium are not just fun. This is a full transport. For him, there are special bike paths and "parking spaces" at the shops. And throughout Belgium there are rental offices - so why not take an hour or more and not take a ride through the narrow streets, feeling like a true Belgian? Such a chance should not be missed!

Go down to the caves

Continuing the theme of active recreation - the caves near Rochefort are definitely worth a look. Moreover, in hot weather this is a real salvation - the underground lakes are pretty cool and very, very beautiful.

Well, the main points we have marked ourselves, and now you can safely go on an unforgettable tour of the magnificent Belgium. Go ahead, meet new adventures!
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