How to choose a hat?

Gone are the days when wearing a hat was a shameful duty that my mother made me do. Having matured, each woman of fashion learns that the cap can be not only a means to warm up in the frosty season, but also a bright accessory. How to choose the best headdress to shine all winter? Some topical tips!

Pay attention to color

At first glance, the advice seems trivial - after all, how else would a girl choose almost everything? First of all, you should like the color solution! But the pitfall here is that not every favorite color can really suit your color type. For example, you are a bright brunette and you know for sure that you have saturated colors. But suddenly she was drawn to tenderness and wanted to buy a pale pink or powdery cap. . . Alas, this idea is so-so. These colors will make the face less bright, add pallor and draw attention to skin blemishes. But a bright hat of color, for example, fuchsia, will become your best friend for this winter!

Don't be fooled by fashion

That's why it is called “high fashion” - try to reach it! Those things that look great on models on the catwalk or on the pages of glossy magazines will look absurd in life. Choose only what goes to you personally and fits the overall style of clothing. If you usually wear a strict classic, it is unlikely that the sports hat "Nike" will suit you. Even if she - squeak of fashion now!

Take someone with you

It doesn't matter who it will be - mother, sister, girlfriend or even a beloved man. The main thing is that this person is close and that you trust his taste. From the outside you can see that it is this principle that is very relevant in choosing a headdress. And in the end, it will just be fun!

Buy a hat with a scarf

So the new element harmoniously fit into any style. Usually hats and sold along with scarves to match. And the important point is that these elements are contrasted with a coat or jacket. If, for example, your outerwear is dark, dilute it with bright accessoriesWell, good luck in choosing your perfect hat!
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