How not to fall into the autumn depression?

I really do not want to get into the working rhythm again and wrap myself in sweaters, escaping from the cold. That's only nature does not adapt to us - and therefore, several relevant tips for avoiding the autumn melancholy!

Buy bright things

A sweater or a coat, boots or a scarf, it does not matter, the main thing is that they have a catchy color. Blue, red, maybe carrot-orange? Everything is allowed, most importantly, these colors should be consulted correctly with others - and a sense of their own irresistibility is guaranteed!

Read Positive Books

In the fall, of course, it's very atmospheric to read long and dramatic classic novels - but it's almost guaranteed way to slide into a bad mood. It is better to choose writers who create easily and pleasantly. Perhaps Gavalda or Marta Cetro? Gourmet Dina Rubin? Choose you!

Find your drink

Delicious, beloved and one that will surely warm both the body and the soul. Classic coffee, nice Chinese tea or mulled wine according to a family recipe - what will be in your thermos?

Occupy yourself with something

Handra is the sister of idleness, everyone knows this. If there is a job in the reserve that will carry you, it will clearly not be up to a bad mood. Any hobby from knitting to extreme driving courses will come in handy, if only it captures completely!

Invent your personal traditions

Bake pies on Fridays. Water the flowers clockwise. Walking with the dog at a certain place under the leaf fall. Feed stray cats or birds at the entrance. No matter how ridiculous or ridiculous your personal traditions may sound, they and yours, you can not even tell anyone. They will give life more meaning.

Arrange the unloading minutes

In the ever hurrying city, people manage everything except the main thing - to leave at least half an hour for themselves. To paint nails, meditate - half an hour a day just for yourself - and life will play with new colors!

Make movie nights

Films are what helps to distract from the sometimes tense reality - so let yourself go headlong into the world of cinema! Ribbons about the life of kings, action-sensitive detectives or youth comedies - any of these creations will help raise the mood of the cold at times.

Become a star!

Feel beautiful and attractive woman is a great help for successful photos - so secure yourself! You can get your girlfriend out of the park and ask you to take a long photo, you can hire a photographer and shoot in autumn landscape under a leaf fall. . . Fine images will help to become a real star, and the stars, as you know, do not mope!

Well, these are all the tips for avoiding the autumn depression. Maybe you have your own ways? Share them in the comments!
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