Shopping for the New Year 2019

Christmas and New Year - the time to shop, purchase gifts for loved ones. Pre-holiday bustle, discounts, garlands and decorations everywhere and everywhere. Good housewives are already starting to plan the New Year menu. Matinees in kindergartens and schools are approaching - you need to think about a suit for your beloved child. Lots of plans, and even more upcoming purchases.


Gifts for loved ones

The first item among the New Year purchases. I will offer a small life hack. It is better to write a list in advance so as not to accidentally forget anyone. This can be a simple notepad or a special application scheduler, which is also very convenient.

Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family - the best Christmas tradition

The main decoration of the New Year's table. The forest beauty, which brings the atmosphere of childhood and serenity. What a New Year without a Christmas tree? Even if it is not possible to purchase a tall tree, stock up with several pine branches and decorate them beautifully - this is sacred. Inexpressible aroma of needles that spread throughout the house. The real spirit of the New Year.


In the supermarket for the ingredients for the holiday table

Each family is individual. And the New Year traditions are different for everyone too. Someone is preparing a cake. Others can not imagine a holiday without an abundance of salads, which they eat before the Old New Year. Products better stock up in advance, so that at the last moment do not run headlong shopping.

Modernity contributes. New traditions are emerging. For example, sushi. This dish of Japanese cuisine is found on the New Year's table.

Flappers, sparklers

Champagne and Bengal lights are indispensable attributes of the New Year's Eve

In the CIS countries, it is customary to celebrate the New Year holidays noisy and fun. Therefore, the Bengal lights, firecrackers, salutes under the windows throughout the night - a picture that always repeats from year to year.

Suit for matinee

When you still believe in the miracle

Christmas party in kindergartens should not be missed. After all, this event, which the child is waiting for a year. Meeting with the "real" Santa Claus. A lot of impressions and emotions.

On the shoulders of parents lies the preparation of a suit. The purchase of a finished suit or materials for sewing will have to take care in advance.
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