What are women silent about? 9 women's secrets

Unlike men, women are more emotional and talkative. However, surprisingly, women have secrets that they try to hide from men. Certainly, each woman needs a special and personal approach, however, further we will disclose some list of secrets that will help you, dear men, to clarify the situation and better understand your woman.

We look forward to your initiative

Despite the leadership qualities of some women, either of them would like her man to be the head of the family. When a man is an initiator, it means that he is attentive and caring. Take the initiative in your own hands. And it does not matter what. For example, prepare a dinner or plan a vacation.

We want to be surprised

All women, without exception, like surprises. Even a small unexpectedly presented chocolate will create a miracle, and a woman will once again feel loved and special. Surprise does not have to be expensive, because caring and love are priceless. Prepare a surprise is not difficult. And when your lady understands that some more efforts have been made to make her happy, you will definitely be rewarded.

We fear that other women are more attractive

This is an open fear of most women. Each of us is afraid that other women in the environment can win your attention. The reason for this is quite simple. Women would like to have everything and be ideal for you, but in the measure of their natural suspicion and emotionality, we doubt their beauty and attractiveness. Every woman is afraid that he will start to fantasize about another lady.

We want men to be sincere

Everyone needs sincerity, regardless of whether the man is in front of you or a woman. No one likes to be deceived. Women can forgive much, but not lie. Be open, sincere regardless of the situation. A loving woman is always ready to hear the truth and help in a difficult moment.

We know and understand sign language

As you know, women are endowed with sensitive intuition, especially if it concerns a personal life. We always notice and analyze the small details, including the sign language of our partners. The sixth sense tells us your sympathy for a colleague or a common friend. Your uncontrolled facial expressions and sign language give you away. After that, one should be disappointed in the man, endless doubts and uncertainty.

We are not against stag parties

This is another secret that not every man knows. Many women are not really against stag parties and pastime with friends. We perfectly know and understand that our husbands need free space and time to spend it with friends. However, there is a single nuance that is how comfortable your woman will feel during your absence. Excessive concentration on communication with friends can play a cruel joke, and you will hear an ominous phrase: "I or friends!".

We want to please your friends

It is interesting that the woman not only sets a goal to please the parents of the chosen one, but to his close friends. Do not underestimate women's insight. After all, we know the main levers of control over you.

We need an understanding

If you heard from your girlfriend the phrase: "you do not understand me at all," then be more attentive to it. Listen to it and comprehend all that has been said. Perhaps a woman wants to tell you something important, but we often hear in the whirlpool, but do not listen.

Truth and only the truth

Each of us wants her man to be honest. So if a woman looks plump in this dress, do not hide it from her. Tell your opinion delicately, and together you will choose the appropriate option. Do not be afraid to tell a woman that she has recovered, but still does not cease to look stunning. Honest opinion, believe me, will be appreciated.

Thus, 9 secrets, which women usually keep secret, are uncovered. Of course, the list could be much longer. And yet, now you have learned the secret secrets of the female soul.
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