Instructive tales for children

What to read to your child at night? It is desirable that the stories were non-trivial, instructive and very interesting. Today's collection is a list of fairy tales that will teach a child a relationship to the world around him.


History teaches that nothing in life is given simply for nothing. All you need to earn your own work.

In the fairy tale three characters - two mice and one cockerel. History is ancient, like the world. Golosistoe Gorlyshko labored: he found spikelet, ground it and cooked tasty pies. And the mice just messed around. Everyone will see themselves in this tale and will make a definite lesson for the future.

Three piglets

The following story teaches that any work must be done on conscience. Three pigs built themselves at home. Two - for tyap-bloop, and only one did everything thoroughly. Here the house is an allegory - any business that everyone does in life. If you are not doing anything diligently, the consequences will not be very pleasant. Luck will turn away and there will be no one to blame for their turmoil.
Doing everything on conscience is the key to success in any endeavors.

A Crow and a fox

Do fables refer to fairy tales? I think yes. By their learning, they can give odds to many stories. The fable about the Raven and the Fox is a paraphrased fable of Aesop.

The story of how the Crow lost a piece of cheese. A cunning fox took the food from the bird. What is its moral? One of the worst qualities is given as an example, thanks to which a man sometimes loses much. This trait is called vanity.

In any situation, a person must adequately approach his own abilities. This is the key to solving many confusing situations.
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