Than to take the child on a train?

A long trip is always a test for a young child. In the case of a kid-unconsumed journey in a train can become a difficult quest for parents. How can we endure this test with the benefit of ourselves and the child with honor?

Board games

Board games are a great way of spending time at any age.

The best friend of all parents. Each child, depending on age, development and personal interests, likes his games. In fact, there are a lot of them. For children of preschool age - years from 5-6 - you can play something based on your favorite cartoons. For older children, "Monopoly" or any other business game is perfect. The choice is great. Each child individually.

Coloring pages

Coloring - the ability to paint a piece of the world at its own discretion

A great way to take preschoolers and children of primary school age. Coloring and a box of markers or pencils will provide guaranteed half an hour of peace for parents.

We can not forget about the coloring-antistress. This kind of creativity is quite capable for a long time to entice not only the teenager, but also the adult.

Books with colorful pictures

Book with bright pictures - a window into the fairy tale world

If you have a long journey, your favorite book with colorful pictures will be your favorite entertainment for a child 2-4 years old. For older children, the encyclopedia will be preferable to the favorite subject. Such literature during the trip can be deducted to holes. And good, and the child is busy.

New toy

A new toy always brings a lot of positive emotions

Toddlers tend to be in awe of new toys. They can play them for hours, until they get bored. But if the novelty really has sunk into the soul, this acquisition will be an excellent alternative to other hobbies and fun.

Apps on your phone or tablet

Smartphone - another child development tool

Touch phones can do a good job as a great pastime for a child. Modern children are usually "you" with gadgets from an early age. Download the appropriate age and hobbies of the application - it's a couple of minutes. However, on the way such toys can successfully take the child's attention for a long time.


An excellent alternative to technology - toys made in the origami technique. A frog, a swan or a flower - and this is not yet a complete list of everything that can be created in this way.

In the technique of origami, you can build a lot of interesting toys

Older children can provide a scheme more complicated, colored paper or cardboard, scissors. And let the whole world wait, because the child creates. Creative thinking is one of the most valuable things in the age of digital technology. And the more a child will develop it, the better. Origami - a good solution for the development of creative thinking among the younger generation.
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