Makeup in the style of Gigi Hadid

The makeup of the American supermodel Gigi Hadid will appeal to the girls who value naturalness above all else. Simple techniques allow you to achieve excellent results without overloading your face with cosmetics.

Key Features

You can try to hide imperfections with tonal means, or you can reconsider your approach to skin care. Taking as a role model for Gigi Hadid, it is necessary to go on the second path. The girl has repeatedly admitted in interviews that because of the intense shooting schedule uses a lot of moisturizing beauty products.

The more complex the make-up is to be done, the more intense the moistening should be. This rule is relevant for those girls who, like Gigi, think that most cosmetics make-up remover dry the skin. Looking at the photos of the model, it's easy to conclude that outside the catwalk, she often chooses a beige-pink color scheme for make-up. It perfectly matches the color of the girl.

Do not notice that Gigi's skin has a fresh, radiant appearance that's simply impossible. But how can one always look rested as one of the most popular models of our time? To get the same effect, it's enough to add a small amount of highlighter to the foundation. To see Gigi Hadid with red lipstick on his lips is almost impossible. Among her favorites are pink, brown and beige tones.

In the design of the eyebrows the girl does not seek to achieve graphic. Therefore, they always look natural. Efficacy of eye makeup is emphasized by lush eyelashes. You can achieve this by using a carcass with a twisting effect. Arrows - one of the main makeup chips Gigi Hadid. Pay attention to their shape. Repeating the lines after the model, you will become the owner of a flirty look.

How to perform makeup?

Apply on the skin BB cream with a light texture. Applying it is required not only on the face, but also on the neck, so that there is no difference in shades. If you want to hide the signs of fatigue, you can use a concealer (it should be 1 ton lighter than the IV cream used earlier). If there is the slightest concern about the persistence of tonal funds, fix makeup at this stage with a transparent powder.

Gigi Hadid's eyebrows are like many girls. To get the same, do not rush to take on the tweezers. Try combing the hairs up with a special brush and fixing them with gel.

If you want to increase the saturation of the hue, it is recommended to use eye shadow. A pencil with a color saturation is easy to overdo it, and in this image it is not acceptable. If you want to visually increase the thickness of the eyebrows, use fibro-gel. The final touch in the design of eyebrows should be the application of pearlescent eye shadow. Apply them under the eyebrow to create a radiant effect.

As a basic shade for eye makeup, you can use light beige shadows. From the middle to the outer corner of the eye, apply a pink tint, and immediately the outer corner of the eye should be shaded with a brown tinge. Stretch the resulting border between the shades to create a gradient effect in the makeup.

It is desirable that all used shadows have a satin texture, avoid shimmer tones. Gigi often emphasizes the incision of the eyes by staining the ciliary contour with a graphite shade. Armed with a fine brush for make-up, it is worth following her example.

Apply the highlighter on the cheekbones and the back of the nose. The choice to use this product in a liquid or dry format is yours. However, in any case, it should be carefully shaded. Use for lips a matte or pearl lipstick of a light brown hue. If you want to adjust the outline, first draw your lips in a pencil of a similar shade.

The absence of bright shades of decorative cosmetics make this variant of makeup equally attractive both for female students and for the business woman.
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