How to lead a sketchbook?

Leading a sketchbook allows you to bring creativity to your life and develop a fantasy. Translate the English word "sketchbook" as a "sketch book". This quite accurately characterizes the content of such notebooks. Now sketchbooks have become an attribute not only of artists and designers, but also of all creative people. Do you do needlework? Do you like making collages? The sketchbook will be an excellent platform for visually reflecting your ideas.

Unlike a personal diary, the contents of a sketchbook are usually shared. It has more drawings than text. Most of the inscriptions are generalized. Beautifully designed pages will be a source of pride when your friends see them. The maintenance of a sketchbook reveals the creative potential of a person, regardless of his age.

Choosing a Sketchbook

To the results of the creative process invariably brought joy, it is necessary to take thoughtful consideration to buying a sketchbook. First of all, pay attention to the density of paper. If you plan to regularly make watercolor sketches, the density should be about 200-350 g / m2. For liners and pencils, 100-150 g / m2 is enough. A paper with a density of 150 g / m2 is considered to be universal, it is also suitable for working with markers.

In terms of convenience, you should inspect the binding. Recently, sketchbooks on rings have been popular. The sheets in them can be rotated by 180, which is quite convenient, especially if the inspiration has visited you out of the house. However, too large rings can create difficulties for the free position of the hand. The classic version of the sketchbook has a binder. It provides a simple and reliable way to save sketches, even if the thickness of the sketchbook increases due to the presence of collages and pasted elements.

The color of paper is a matter of taste, but this feature should not become a surprise for you. Of course, white paper is most common. But if you like craft aesthetics, you can find a sketchbook with similar sheets. Do you want something unusual? Get a sketchbook with black sheets. Cream paper is also very attractive. If you do not want to choose one thing, look for sales of sketchbooks with combined sheets.

Where to begin?

A blank sheet should not cause fear. Do not delay the creation of the first collage or drawing until better times. Errors in the sketchbook are not fatal. The format itself sketches quite admits the presence of creative misses. In addition, who said that the failed drawing can not be "covered" with a collage? Only you decide how the pages of your sketchbook will look.

In some cases, the work begins with an inscription. If you do not yet have a clear vision of how the picture should look, write a couple of motivating phrases. This neutralizes the fear of a clean sheet and helps to concentrate.

Finding Your Own Style

Ideas are in the air, so do not be afraid to experiment. Try to make sketches of different materials, this will help you to understand which technique is closer to you. Be inspired by the work of others when you feel the inner need to recharge for the creative process.

Often, turns in the sketchbook are dedicated to a specific topic. It can be related to your dreams, goals or impressions. Having visited a new place, try to capture your feelings by making a quick sketch. Share emotions with paper - this is one of the best ways to show creative abilities. Make sketches in the sketchbook, dedicated to the seasons. Books, films and music can also inspire the creation of thematic drawings and collages.

What is the use of sketchbook?

Maintaining the sketchbook allows you to track how your approach to the creative process has changed and your drawing skills have progressed. If you regularly take a sketchbook with you and practice quick sketches from life, you will not only increase the speed of drawing, but also learn to concentrate on the most important details.

Making a sketchbook using various decorative elements can turn into an exciting process that will allow you to give up everyday worries. Browsing a filled sketchbook after a few years will remind you of the bright moments and refresh your memories.
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