Bouquets of sweets: how to make?

Gifts made with their own hands, have a special charm. A bouquet of chocolates has a number of advantages over other gifts. He will never wither, he can be presented to a loved one for any reason, and most importantly - the creation of such compositions can turn into a favorite hobby for you!

Bouquets of sweets: history

No matter how modern this composition of such sweet presents seems, it is not an innovation. It is believed that the first bouquets of chocolates appeared in France. In the 16th century they were called bonbonniere. As a rule, bonbonniere was a flower-candy composition.

The tradition of presenting loved ones for holidays with such gifts quickly spread across Europe. It is known that in Germany bouquets of caramels, decorated with tinsel and multi-colored ribbons, were very popular. However, the real popularity of candy compositions found in the 21st century in America. There, the composition of bouquets finally took shape in a separate creative direction - svitfloristiku.

Where to begin?

It may seem that it is rather difficult to create an effective and voluminous composition. Before you get down to business, look at the master classes devoted to the sweatology and practice in creating separate buds. Successful mastering of the art of creating bouquets of sweets in many ways depends on perseverance.

It is difficult for beginners to think over the details of a composition. They doubt what candy should be in the center and how to decorate the space between sweets. It is worth starting to show creativity in this business after you have mastered different variants of making buds-candies.

Choice of materials

At the initial stage, it makes no sense to spend money on expensive materials. For training and skill training, ordinary paper napkins are perfect. But even when you feel that you have mastered the technique, do not rush to go to the store. The matter is that the set of necessary materials directly depends on what bouquet you want to make. Will it be an elegant basket or a classic bouquet? Perhaps your craft should have some unusual shape and for it you will need non-standard materials.

Multicolored corrugated paper is usually used to create buds. It is thin enough that it creates the effect of airiness in the composition. For stems can come in handy wooden skewers for barbecue. In some cases, thin wire can replace them. In advance, think through what you will fix the details of the composition with each other. The optimal solution for most works will be the use of an adhesive gun.

Tape tape is one of the mastshavov when creating bouquets of chocolates. The fact is that it is with the help of such a tape you can make flowers more realistic - just simply gently wrap it with a stem. It is not recommended to replace it with an ordinary tape, even if in your arsenal are very beautiful copies. Tape tape has an adhesive base, which greatly facilitates the winding process even for beginners.

Among the most popular materials for decoration is the organza. Usually it fills the space between the colors. It is also quite appropriate to use different tapes, beads and feathers. However, their presence in the composition entirely depends on your desire.

Helpful Tips

  • Take care that you can get candy without violating the integrity of the composition.
  • Small candies of round and semicircular shape are easier to "hide" in buds.
  • If you plan to use the basket as a basis, glue a piece of polystyrene on its bottom. Stick the stems into the foam, this will make the bouquet more stable.
A bouquet of chocolates is not accidentally considered an original gift. You can supplement the candy composition with a small present in a bright package, then the person to whom the gift is intended will receive a double portion of pleasure and joy. If the gift is intended for a child, a toy can be placed among the buds with sweets.
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