How to calculate a fake among branded things?

The more famous a brand, the more often it is forged. This unfortunate regularity makes you look more carefully at the goods in the store. To not get a fake at the cost of the original, you need to pay attention to some features of the thing you like.

The shops

Clothes and shoes of favorite brands should be purchased at the official points of sale of the brand. If you prefer to shop online, before creating an order, make sure that the site is the official store of the brand or its distributor.

Making purchases in both conventional and online stores, it is important to consider pricing. Each firm is focused on a certain audience. Genuine brand thing from the luxury segment will not be sold at mass-market prices even in the season of sales. If you notice a suspiciously profitable offer, do not rush to buy.

The official website of the manufacturer is worth a look even if the resource does not sell. Read the assortment, read the description of the models you are interested in. Once in the store, you are more likely to notice differences in color, texture and other characteristics.


Quality control of well-known brands is quite high, because they are important reputation, which they have earned over the years. The creators of fakes do not always approach their products with the same seriousness. Carefully inspect the seams, accessories and material. Ensure that there are no sticky threads and no adhesive marks. Any defect can serve as a clear sign that you have a fake.


As a rule, the logos of well-known brands are present not only on tags, but also on small accessories. Manufacturers of fakes do not often care about compliance in small things, so the logo can only appear on the label. Pay attention to the corporate package and the box in which your new thing is. On the packaging of the goods there may be elements such as a serial number or a hologram. They are called to confirm its authenticity.


It's no secret that many world-famous brands transfer their production capacities to developing countries for the sake of economy. However, if you want to know exactly where the things were made, pay attention to the first three digits of the barcode. They denote the country of the brand. Recently, QR codes are becoming increasingly widespread. Similar information can be obtained from them if you use a scanning application on your smartphone.

Statistics and reviews

Read the reviews about the shop where you are going to make a purchase. If at this point of sale they sell fakes, it is quite possible that the users who made purchases there before you already had time to share their impressions on the Internet. Inadequate quality, marriage and forgery are the main reasons for negative customer feedback and a decline in the reputation of the store. If you can find such comments, it makes sense to abstain from buying.
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