How to keep a tan?

Sunburn can and after a few months remind you of a pleasant day spent on the sea coast. To the skin for a long time pleased with its hue, it is enough to follow a few simple recommendations.

Preparatory stage

Go to the resort is fully armed. To ensure that the skin remains an even golden tan, take with you a special cream - activators and prolongators. The first kind of beauty products is aimed at stimulating the production of melanin, and the second is responsible for preserving the resulting shade.

Peeling can be a serious obstacle to tanning. Regular use of scrub and moisturizer will help to cope with this problem. It is advisable to use peeling a few days before the trip to the sea. In this case, it is extremely not recommended to use cosmetic products, which contain fruit acids. Despite their high efficiency, they significantly increase the risk of skin burns.

How to act during the rest?

Sunburn directly depends on the production of melanin in the human body. Activate the production of this pigment can not only through the use of cream activator, as mentioned above. Considerable help can be provided by your meals. Vitamins A, B, E and C vitally influence the production of melanin. Revise your menu and add dishes from fish, carrots, pumpkins, broccoli and citrus. As snacking it makes sense to start to give preference not to chocolate bars, but to dates and nuts.

In the early days, the skin should get used to the sun baths. At this time, the risk of burning is very high, even if you use creams with a high level of SPF. Gradually increase the period of sun exposure. It will be optimal for several days to gradually reduce the level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. To do this, you need to take 2-3 sunscreens with a different SPF indicator.

Skin care after sunburn

Staying in the sun can cause inflammation and flaking of the skin. However, after tanning, it is extremely undesirable to use hard wool and scrubs with large abrasive particles (if you have sensitive skin, you should use only ugly means for exfoliation). To remove the inflammation and get rid of peeling after sunburn will help hydrolytes, lotions and natural coconut oil.

To keep a tan for a long time, try to protect the skin from the effects of very hot water. After you take a hot shower, the skin of the body can be dehydrated, which eventually leads to peeling and loss of sunburn. Regularly moisturize the skin with milk, butter or whey.

If the result of the tan was not as impressive as you wanted, you can use a bronzer. On unromeded skin this product does not always give an even coating. But even a minimal natural tan becomes a good basis for it.
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