Makeup in the style of Kara Delevin

Daring and charismatic girls always attract a lot of attention. Sometimes it seems that Kara Delevin is quite light-hearted about her make-up, but look at her more closely. The model knows exactly what it is and always successfully emphasizes the features of the exterior, which it was awarded by nature.

The main nuances of makeup

Of course, it was Cara who introduced the wide, thick eyebrows into fashion. Since then, girls all over the world began to imitate her. The peculiarity of Kara's approach is that she does not try to soften or somehow change the shape of her sufficiently expressive eyebrows. On the contrary, she often does in make-up accent on them, increasing the saturation of the hue due to the use of a gel or pencil. From this her eyebrows do not cease to look natural.

For the makeup of the lips, the model with equal probabilities can choose both an incredibly bright shade and a transparent lip gloss. In order to be able to act also, not excluding lipstick with matt textures, care should be taken for the wake-up procedures. Regularly use a lip scrub and do not forget about moisturizing.

Despite frequent photo shoots and participation in shows, Kara Delevin's skin has a well-groomed and healthy appearance. The model believes that the observance of the ritual of make-up helps it to avoid the appearance of imperfections. It always removes the makeup very carefully.

Karou is unlikely to get caught in using false eyelashes. As the owner of deep blue eyes in makeup for daytime images, she does not neglect brown and beige shades of eye shadow. However, as for parties, red carpet paths and various performances, the model often creates shocking images using bright colors. She skillfully combines shades and does not overload her face with decorative cosmetics. The images read her personality and provocation, but it never turns into vulgarity.

Skin Preparation

Apply a serum or moisturizer to your face. By these means, you need to moisturize the skin before applying makeup. Expressed imperfections hide the proofreader. In their absence, immediately apply BB-cream. After thoroughly shading the tonal remedies, work the area of ​​the nasolabial fold with a transparent powder. It will eliminate the greasy sheen and give the skin the necessary dullness.

Making relief

If you think that make up in the style of Kara Delevin, you will not succeed because of the lack of a clearly delineated line of cheekbones, you are very wrong. You can draw cheekbones with the help of blush. First, draw a clear line in the direction from the temple to the cheek, and then shade it. If necessary, it is possible to emphasize the cheekbones also with the help of a highlighter. The main thing is not to overdo it with radiance.

Select eyebrows

If your eyebrows in density are not inferior to the eyebrows of Kara, it is enough just to use a shade gel. The product will enhance the saturation of the natural shade and fix the unruly hairs in the desired position. Those girls who can not boast of sable eyebrows, will need to use a pencil, shadows or sweets. Please note that in the shape of Kara's eyebrows there is no bend and try not to overdo it with graphics.

Eye Makeup

The choice of a shade of shadows depends on what variant of a make up you are going to make - day or evening. Beige-brown tones are in many ways universal. Before you apply them for ages use the base for shadows. It will increase not only the stamina, but also the saturation of the chosen shade.

Kara Delevin does not always draw arrows. However, the expressiveness of the view in her case is enhanced by the coloring of the intermittent space. Make it comfortable with a pencil for eyes of black or dark brown hue. To finish the make-up of the eyes is supposed to be applying mascara on the eyelashes.

Nude or Hollywood chic?

With the choice of lipstick should also be determined depending on the type of makeup. Kara often uses nude shines. However, it can not be said that she deprives the attention of lipsticks of coral shades. Before applying the latter, it makes sense to circle the lip contour with a pencil of a similar tone.
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