Scandinavian style in the interior

A laconic design with striking distinctive features of Scandinavia is not by chance now considered one of the most sought-after. It is distinguished not only by aesthetic appeal, but also by practicality. Items of furniture for the premises are selected for reasons of functionality and reliability. By showing attention to detail, you can create a real Scandinavian atmosphere at home.

History of appearance

It is believed that the features of the Scandinavian style began to form in the 18th century. Unlike other monarchs of the time, Swedish King Gustav III did not seek excessive luxury. He did not rely on gilding, but on the simplicity and abundance of natural light. A large number of wooden furniture gave the rooms a cozy appearance. The Scandinavian style is noteworthy in that it allows you to harmoniously combine modern elements with objects in which traditional images inspired by the legends of Scandinavia are guessed.

Main features of the Scandinavian style

With a superficial acquaintance with this direction of design, it may seem that it is distinguished by excessive severity and asceticism. This impression is created due to the fact that the interior is predominantly using natural materials. This applies to both furniture and decoration.

The main criterion for furniture is increased functionality. Most often, wooden pieces of furniture are covered with white or light gray paint. Pay attention to the almost complete absence of decorative elements in the design of tables, chairs, chests of drawers and shelves. They look laconic, but visually are not lost in the interior.

If you decide to arrange the whole apartment in Scandinavian style, it makes sense to attend to the presence of a wooden floor in all rooms except the bathroom. In this case, carpets are not considered an indispensable element for such an interior. The walls are often decorated with tiles stylized as a stone or a tree. Also for this design direction is quite appropriate for the presence of monotonous wallpaper on the walls. The easiest option for the Scandinavian style is to paint the walls white. Visually, this will expand the space, so that even the smallest room will seem more spacious.


The more there is natural light in a room decorated in Scandinavian style, the better. In the priority wide windows, but without chandeliers, lamps and sconces also can not do. Pay attention to objects that reflect light, and try to include them in the interior. First of all, of course, you should supplement the room with mirrors and lacquered furniture. When choosing a chandelier or a lamp it is recommended to give preference to simple forms. In the arrangement of light sources, it is important to consider the impression they create. It is necessary to avoid the effect of heap.

Primary colors

The Scandinavian style is dominated by light colors. The company can make any shade of pastel color white. The presence of bright, contrasting tones is not forbidden. A great option will be a combination of white with black, blue or brown. However, they act as accents in the interior.

Textiles & decor

Plaids, decorative pillows and tablecloths make the Scandinavian interior cozy. Single-color light curtains perfectly complement the look of the room. However, they should not be too dense. The presence of frills and shiny elements on the fabric is not welcome. It is desirable that the curtains are made of natural fabric.

In a room decorated in the Scandinavian style, there is always room for a knitted plaid, a basket made of a vine or a ceramic vase with dried flowers. On the walls you can hang family photos in simple wooden frames. Pictures and posters are also quite suitable.

Accessories and decor elements in the Scandinavian style have simple forms. The greatest attention is attracted to objects that are associated with marine themes. Things made with their own hands will be appropriate, as well as children's crafts. A good addition to a cozy atmosphere in the Scandinavian style will be living plants.
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