Homemade Dzhungar hamsters. Feeding (part three)

To your pet was healthy and vigorous, lived a long (for a hamster) life, it must be properly fed. He can eat whatever food you offer him. But later, improper feeding will affect his health, he will suffer from obesity and diabetes.

Therefore, to feed hamsters should be properly, focusing on their diet in nature. In the wild they live in semi-deserts and dry steppes, most often eat grain and seeds, and in the spring and summer diversize their menu with grass, insects and berries. Caloric, sweet and fatty foods are contraindicated. These animals have a very fast metabolism, so they can not go hungry. They eat a lot, in a day can swallow up to 70% of their own weight.

What can I give hamsters

The basis of the ration of a hamster is a grain mixture. It is better to buy ready-made food, which should be with vitamin-mineral supplements. You can make a grain mixture yourself, mixing oats, crushed corn, wheat, rye and barley grains, buckwheat. In addition to grain, hamsters need to be given a different food:
  • pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds;
  • nuts;
  • vegetables: courgettes, carrots, turnips, beets, pieces of pumpkin, broccoli, cucumbers;
  • fruit: pieces of apples, bananas, pears;
  • berries: mountain ash, wild rose, strawberry;
  • greens (beet tops and carrots, clover, dandelions, lettuce, plantain, parsley);
  • protein products: low-fat cottage cheese, boiled low-fat meat, boiled egg, like chicken, and quail.
In the cage you need to put the branches of trees: cherry, apple, rowan, birch, maple, willow. Do not give them branches of coniferous trees.

Daily pour the grain mixture into the trough, and also put some vegetables: zucchini, cucumbers, turnip, 2 times in 7 days they can be fed with carrots and pieces of pumpkin. Greens let us often, every other day. A protein food can be fed 1 time in 7 days, fruits - every 14 days, occasionally spoil nuts and seeds. But if the hamster is pregnant, the amount of protein food is increased, you can feed it up to 2-3 times.

Prohibited foods to rodents

Some products should not be given to jungar hamsters, because they can affect their health and even lead to the death of a pet. So, because of swelling of the intestine, it can die, so under the ban products that promote gas generation: cabbage, rye bread. Contraindicated them and fatty foods, do not give hamsters butter, something fried. Sweets also need to be excluded from their diet. Products that do not cost jungarikam:
  • any food with spices and salt;
  • bread and roll, cookies;
  • macaroni (may damage the cheek pouch of the hamster);
  • butter, sour cream, cream, cheese, milk;
  • citrus fruits, kiwi, pineapple, pomegranate;
  • white, red and Brussels sprouts, garlic with onions, any mushrooms, potatoes;
  • sausage, ham, sausages;
  • chocolate, sweets and other sweets;
  • beans;
  • watermelon, melon;
  • raw meat.
If you notice that the rodent has an allergy to fruit or berries, i.e. the eyes become wet, the skin turns red and itches constantly, you need to remove them from the ration of the hamster. Uneaten vegetables and fruits regularly clean until they are spoiled. Do not feed them with suspicious vegetables or fruits, for example, tomatoes or cucumbers, bought in the winter. Nitrates, even in small amounts, can cause intoxication. Dzungariki - small animals, so a tiny portion of a dangerous substance leads to their death.

Properly composed diet will prolong the life of your pet. Explain this to all family members, including children. Wishing to pamper the pet, they can feed pieces of cookies or cheese, and the hamster will eat them. Unfortunately, the instinct does not tell the rodent that this food is dangerous. You can please the hamster with nuts or seeds, which he also loves.

Hamsters are affectionate, cute and funny little animals. They can become the first pet's pets, because they are unpretentious, do not require much space and special care. But the Dzhungar hamsters also need to create optimal conditions for life. Only then they will please you for several years, and not die from disease or maltreatment.
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