How to make money on Classmates?

Today, without social networks, nowhere. Send a message to a friend, boast a new photo, pass the time for a new game - for this go to the Internet. And why not combine pleasant with useful - have fun and earn at the same time? Website Odnoklassniki. ru offers reliable ways to generate additional profits.

What should a newcomer do?

Here are the projects that will help to earn: prospero. ru, wmmail. ru, seosprint. net and others.

After the registration process, you take the task, put the likes, share useful things. For this network pays you money.

For the beginner - the ideal form of earnings.

Advertising in groups

Do you have a group of more than 50,000 subscribers? Advertise in it for money. This type of earnings can bring a decent profit.

The main thing is that the group should be popular. Therefore, fill it with high-quality and popular material. And also stimulate subscribers to activity: putting the likes, writing comments.

Turn your hobby into a business

Monetize your hobbies. Created by their own hands ornaments, leather goods, costume jewelery, soft toys are in demand. Create a group, place there photos of your goods, recruit subscribers, communicate with potential buyers and promote your own brand.

Earnings for clever and clever people

Do you understand programming and running your own business? Then earnings on the sale of personal applications are your option. Only it remains to develop the game and offer it to friends and subscribers. So you can receive interest from each application bought by classmates.

What earnings on Classmates?

Ideas for the realization of creative abilities are huge. There would be time and desire.

"How much do they pay here? "- an urgent issue for people who decided to make money on social networks.

Users of Classmates - a serious audience in terms of age, and in terms of income. So do not get lost, look here for ways to earn money and achieve your own goals.

We wish you fruitful work and pleasure from the creative process!
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