Autumn crafts own hands

Dull time! Oche charm. . . Autumn has come. It's time that is famous for its rich outfit. It is a sin not to use. Natural materials, which are abundant in autumn, are a great source of inspiration for these masterpieces.

Materials that will be used

What is suitable for an autumn craft?
  • leaves of various colors;
  • prickly "hedgehogs" of chestnuts;
  • "helicopters" from maple;
  • all kinds of flowers (suitable including field).
This is not a complete list. It is limited only by flight of imagination.

Autumn is the time of change

Examples of creations

What can be built from natural materials in the fall? It can be an ikebana made from various flowers and leaves. Another option is a three-dimensional picture. You can also use plasticine and make a "real" hedgehog from chestnut. Let us consider each variant in more detail.

3D picture

This work is one of the most common tasks for a kindergarten. The product will require a minimum of effort from the "creators", and the result will undoubtedly please with its originality and colorfulness.

For a 3D image, the following materials are required:
  • sheet of dense cardboard of any format (background color can also be varied);
  • various natural materials - autumn leaves, sprigs of needles, dried flowers;
  • glue gun or PVA.
And then everyone is guided only by his own flight of fantasy. It can be an autumn forest, a fire bird or any other composition.

Autumn picture of the world through the eyes of a child

Original hedgehogs

To make a family of hedgehogs of different caliber, it will take 3 or 4 thorns of chestnut and colored clay. All.

From gray or light brown plasticine we make a drop-shaped body and 4 paws for each. Now, on the back of each craft, we put on halves of chestnuts. Now it's a little thing. We cling paws, noses and eyes. Voilà! With light movement of hands, autumn hedgehogs are ready. Try to make them with the children.
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