Lipofiling - a miracle procedure to get rid of women's problems

If a woman is unhappy that she has wrinkles on her forehead or around the nasolabial cavities, the breast has shrunk or lost shape after feeding the baby, neck folds appeared on the neck, then she can turn to the miracle procedure of modernity - lipofilling. It relieves not only of the listed, but also of other problems.

A woman takes more care of her own appearance, as the society demands it. She should be young, fit, physically healthy at any age. Over the years, these qualities are lost, especially if the woman has already given birth and breast-feeding. To lose a beautiful breast shape is very easy, as well as to find wrinkles on the face from constant stresses and experiences. Modern living conditions contribute to this.

If before a woman wanted to enlarge her breasts or change her shape, she had to insert implants. If she wanted to remove wrinkles, then she had to resort to various cosmetic operations. Lipofilling solves these problems, moreover, helping in eliminating excess fat.

Many ladies are struggling with being overweight. In the process of lipofilling, it is necessary to take adipose tissue from the patient's body and transplant it to the right place. Thus, the wrinkles are smoothed and the breasts are enlarged, the forms are corrected. Several problems are solved at once.

However, one should not make this a panacea for all ills:
  • Adipose tissue is taken in small amounts, so a woman will not lose weight by 10 kilograms or more after the operation.
  • Breasts increase a maximum of 1.5 times the size. At the same time, its shape is adjusted. The skin becomes supple.
  • Under the skin of the face is introduced a small amount of adipose tissue.
It should be borne in mind that the input material can dissolve. This will require additional lipofilling procedures, if the woman wants. To hope for an eternal rejuvenation or an instant increase in breasts up to maximum sizes should not be. However, it is quite possible to eliminate some cosmetic defects with this procedure.
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