Stencil for eyebrows: how to use it correctly?

Stencils can greatly facilitate the creation of the shape of the eyebrows. However, they are not a universal beauty accessory. When choosing them, one should take into account the peculiarities of one's own appearance.

Stencil for eyebrows: what is it?

Many manufacturers of decorative cosmetics have already supplemented their assortment with stencils. Most often the stencils are strips of thin transparent plastic with arcuate notches in the center. Such parameters as the length and width of them can vary significantly. The stencil should help to determine which form of eyebrow suits you best, and it is also used for correction. Contours allow you not to make mistakes when applying a shade, a pencil or a toning gel.

How to choose the form?

It is hardly possible to manage the choice of form without trial and error. Consistently apply to the face stencils and compare them. Search for the most harmonious form can be a little easier, if you initially take into account the type of person.

Chubby girls can afford the presence of kinks in the shape of eyebrows. This will give their appearance the necessary expressiveness. For the oval face is more characteristic arcuate eyebrows. The heart shape of the face is easy to recognize by the pointed chin. To give the appearance of softness, you should choose a curved shape. And for a square face, you need to choose a stencil with a wide and slightly raised form of eyebrows.

How to make a stencil for the eyebrows?

It is possible that among the many ready-made stencils you will not be able to find the optimal one. Be upset about this, not worth it, because the stencil can be done by yourself. All you need is a small piece of thin plastic (you can replace it with a sheet of paper or cardboard), a stationery knife and a marker. The initial blank must have a rectangular shape. It is recommended to make it on the basis of both eyebrows. Attach a rectangle to the face, so that its central part is above the bridge of the nose.

Mark the point of the beginning of the eyebrows, the point of their break (if the shape provides it). After determining the length, indicate the place where the tips of the eyebrows will be. Draw the desired shape with the marker, connecting the points marked above. Slots should be made a stationery knife. This method allows you to create a shape of eyebrows with individual characteristics of appearance and personal preferences. If you have several options on your mind, make stencils according to each one, and then choose the most suitable one.

How to use the stencil?

Alternately, attach the stencil to the eyebrows and circle around the shape. After removing the stencil from the face, check the resulting contours for symmetry. If necessary, perform a correction by removing the hairs from the outline by tweezers. Then paint the area inside the outline with a pencil, toning gel or shadows. At this stage, it is important to refrain from excessive pressure. If the color is too saturated, the eyebrows will lose their natural appearance. Completely filling the outline, remove the stencil and walk on the eyebrows with a special brush. This will remove excess pigment.

Disadvantages of stencils

Despite the apparent simplicity, the use of stencils requires certain skills. Be prepared for the fact that the ideal image will not work for you the first time. It is not enough simply to designate the outline and evenly paint over its inner space. To create a natural effect, you need to vary the color saturation and remember the proportions.
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