Best movies with Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an amazing actor. His presence in the film is in itself a guarantee of the quality of the picture. Today I would like to draw attention to several film masterpieces, thanks to which the name of Hanks sounded in a new way.

Forrest Gump

Wise film. The actor played a boy with a low IQ, but an incredibly pure, naive look at life. This attitude helped the guy not to drown in the turbulent whirlpool of life, find true love and find happiness.

In the fate of the young man was a lot of pitfalls - problems with his legs, low IQ, the war in Vietnam. Understanding what true friendship and love, frankness and purity in every act saved and helped to cope with any trouble.


A novelty of cinema. The film features three famous actors: Tom Hanks, Emma Watson (Hermione in "Harry Potter") and Karen Gillan (Nebula from "The Guardians of the Galaxy").

The film is ambiguous. The audience has a burning desire to discuss on the topic of social networks and the openness of modern life. In fact, sotsset - the main stumbling block, around which all the events in the film revolve.

The question is raised as to how open life will become for the network. Possible registration of voters, people search in real time via social network. Is this a fantasy or a reality that will come from day to day?

Movies on the books of Dan Brown

The Adventures of Professor Langdon. Mysteries of history that directly affect modernity. Deadly traps associated with interesting artifacts - all these are integral parts of the works of Dan Brown.
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