Movies with an unexpected end: TOP-9 from the list of the best

Any moviegoer will never refuse to watch the film with an unexpected end. The intricate denouement makes you think for a while after watching the movie and come to your senses. After all, the finale, which no one expected would easily throw the beholder into confusion. The top-9 films with a similar storyline will be a good "cheat sheet" -what to see.

Faces in the crowd (2011)

The film tells about the young and beautiful teacher Anna Marchant. Her life was a success and nothing seemed to overshadow her. After all, there is a favorite guy, faithful friends and work that brings pleasure. However, on the day of cancer, she becomes the only witness to the murder. The police believes in her great hopes in finding a maniac. But the girl is unlikely to be able to help them. During the escape from the criminal she fell from the bridge and got a serious head injury. Coming out of a week-long coma, she discovered that she could not remember the faces of the people around her. The therapist teaches her how to perceive a person on other grounds. The girl does well, but can she recognize a maniac? Besides, he knows her secret. The film with a twisted plot is suitable for lovers of calm, beautiful and psychological pictures.

Outcast (2014)

Emmy and Nick Dunn will respond to the celebration of the fifth anniversary of family life. Everything must pass at the height and they are actively preparing for this event. The list of guests is left and everything is decided. But suddenly the day before the holiday Emmy disappears. Her approach is unknown, but what remains in the house plunges everyone into shock. Traces of blood and struggle inspire horror in Nick Dunn. During the investigation it turns out that he has a mistress and all the evidence points to his participation in the disappearance of his wife. Is there any truth at the prompts and what awaits the hero instead of the family holiday? Unexpected end of the film will make you think about a lot.

Anesthesia (2008)

Clayton is young, rich and successful. His only problem is a sick heart. However, this issue can be resolved. A donor organ was prepared for him and the girl persuades him to agree to an operation. He gets engaged to her and prepares to "lie under the knife." But does fate allow someone to go smoothly? Then the film with an unexpected end tells about the reverse side of the medal of a guy's life. About what was hidden from him in the shadows. During the anesthesia, Clayton suddenly woke up. He can not stir to talk. However, the guy feels everything and hears what is happening around. Separating from the body, he tries to help himself. But who will help him and what awaits him?

From the car (2015)

Caleb is a young and promising guy who gets a profitable and interesting offer. By the condition of the contract, he needs to go to the laboratory to one secured and brilliant developer. In the complex for research, he is expected to get acquainted with a robot named Ava. This intellektualnoe creation, able not only to think and feel, but also surpass in many ways a person. It easily recognizes lies and reacts to all behavioral factors. Caleb should spend a week with the "girl" and is very enthusiastic about the experiment. . .

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Mystical film with a twisted plot keeps in the tension of its viewer. Starring Bruce Williams, who plays child psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe. The specialist works with an unusual nine-year-old boy. The child's visions plunge him into shock and prevent him from thinking rationally. Symptoms of the boy are already familiar to him and should scare him. However, his sixth sense is asleep and does not let him get to the point.

Before I fall asleep (2015)

The film keeps in suspense and makes you experience with the heroes an intricate plot. In the film tells about a 40-year-old woman. Her life changed dramatically because of a car accident. After her, the woman suffered a brain and her memory erases everything that happens. Every morning she wakes up remembering only life to 20 years. She does not remember the house in which there is a man who claims that he is her husband. Each time it tries to collect its past by small parts. However, someone strongly does not want to admit it.

Three days to escape (2010)

A young woman Lara is going to jail. Her husband John is completely discouraged and does not believe in what is happening. He makes every effort to pull his beloved. But is she so innocent of what happened?

Others (2010)

Grace Stewart is the mother of two children living with them in a remote house. She panically fears open doors and believes that children can not be in daylight. One day strange friends come to her house and something new is starting to happen. After all the details about the servants are clarified, Grace is horrified. She frightened and tries with all her might to save her children. After all, they see ghosts and hunting them an old woman with white eyes. Will Grace understand who really should be afraid of in a house far from people and remember the bitter events of the past.

Cell (2000)

Psychological thriller unexpected interchange makes you delve into it every minute. The film tells about a maniac psychopath. He kidnaps women and locks them in a sealed room. In this room, water flows very slowly and floods it completely. The victim dies after long torment and wild fear. The maniac watches this video by suspending himself for the rings implanted in his body. He is caught, but in a fit of schizophrenia he falls into a deep coma. The last victim of the nutcase is not found and there is still time to save it. However, how to interrogate a criminal in a coma? The plot of the film becomes even more confusing. Catherine the psychiatrist comes to the rescue. She owns the author's methodology, which allows to penetrate the patient's mind. What awaits her in the world of a psychotic maniac? You just have to believe in his world and there will not be a return. In consciousness, the tormentor appears as a small and kind boy from his childhood. Can Catherine untangle the tangle, save the victim and defeat the one she dragged into her world.
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