What kind of nuts are the most useful?

When you come to the store, it's hard not to get confused by the variety of choices. The article presents a variety of types of nuts.


Useful properties of walnuts have attracted people around the world for more than 8,000 years. Cultivators use wood, leaves, seeds, the skin of the fruit of the tree, in some countries even planting it as ornamental. In Moldova, in the XVIII century walnuts were considered the main wealth of the country.


Despite the name, the main place of production of walnuts is not in Greece at all. The largest countries that cultivate the product are China, Ukraine, the United States, Turkey and Iran. Walnuts are also distributed in Mexico, France, Romania and other countries. The use of walnut makes people plant trees almost everywhere - in Asia, Europe and America.

Interesting facts about the plant

  • According to some reports, the oldest tree of walnut is about 2000 years old.
  • In Moldova there is a custom - plant this plant with the birth of a child.
  • In addition to the walnut fruit, wood, leaves and tree seeds are also used for different purposes.

What is useful for walnut for humans?

The most popular walnut among people engaged in mental activities. The product speeds up the work of the brain, activates the processes in the body and gives a feeling of cheerfulness. Due to the large content of oil and fiber, the fruit is also able to favorably affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract of the elderly, improving the work of the intestines.

Feature of walnut

  • Fruit kernels are 75% fat, which is much more than other popular nuts.
  • Regular use of the product:
  • Positively affects the state of the cardiovascular system.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Improves the reproductive system of men.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Secure against atherosclerosis.
  • Will help overcome avitaminosis.


You can just buy walnuts and enjoy their taste in kind. Often this product is also added to desserts, salads and other dishes. In any case, the price of walnuts will please you. Not less common are decoctions and infusions from leaves and fruits of walnut. They are used to rinse your throat, strengthen your immune system, and improve overall well-being. How much use - and in one nut! Just a couple of fruits a day will allow you not only to feel good, but also to be healthy and happy.

Brazilian nut

This delicious South American nut, which in Europe has gained popularity recently, and mainly among supporters of healthy food. Named after a French chemist, the tree is one of the largest in the Amazon. The use of Brazil nuts is indisputable, so it is increasingly found on the shelves of health food stores.

Places of cultivation

The Brazilian nut is common not only in Brazil. Moreover, the largest gardens are not in this country, but in Bolivia. Harvest from trees is also collected in other countries of South America, Sri Lanka and the islands of the southern Atlantic Ocean. To buy a Brazil nut in the post-Soviet countries is not so simple, because this fruit is much less common than, for example, almonds or cashews.

Interesting Facts

  • Most of the harvest is collected from wild plants, the trees are not grown specially.
  • One of the historical names of the plant is cream nuts.
  • The price of the Brazil nut is quite high, because the fruits are exported from South America; but a day is enough to take 1-2 nuts.

What are the benefits of Brazil nuts?

Useful properties of Brazil nuts allow you to fight against cancer, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and other systems. On nutritional qualities, these fruits surpass the popular coconut and macadamia.

Product Feature

  • Just one Brazil nut contains half a daily dose of selenium.
  • Regular intake of Brazil nuts for food will allow:
  • Lower cholesterol;
  • Normalize the sugar level;
  • Improve metabolism;
  • It is easier to survive stresses;
  • Prevent the development of cataracts.


Because of the high fat content and calorie content of Brazil nuts, it is not recommended to eat them in large quantities. Two or three fruits a day will be enough to charge energy and improve well-being. The product is usually added finely chopped into a salad or used in its natural form as a snack. Try the benefits of Brazil nuts on yourself and protect your body from diseases. Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health!


The benefits of cashew nuts are indisputable, but they are used not only as a useful snack! In Africa, plants make a dye paint for tattoos, in India, freckles are derived from seeds, and shell oil is used in automotive and shipbuilding around the world.

Place of cultivation

The native land of nuts (although botanists call them fruits) is Brazil. Today, the main place of cultivation - India, Cambodia, Thailand and other eastern countries. In a smaller quantity, cashew is bred in the west and southeast of Africa. You can buy cashews almost in any store due to artificial plant breeding in Asia. The plantations in Brazil would not be enough for the world export of the product.

Interesting facts about the plant

  • The weight of one fetus is only 1, 5-2 g.
  • Cashew plantations are in 32 countries around the world, occupying about 35 thousand square meters. km.
  • The name of the plant comes from the word acaju, which is translated from the tongue as a yellow fruit.

What is useful for cashews for humans?

The composition of cashews will certainly interest the adherent of a healthy diet. In fruits not only a lot of vitamins of group B, A, micro- and macro elements, but also in excess contain vegetable protein. This means that cashews are what you need for proper nutrition of a vegan, a vegetarian or a raw food.

Distinctive features

The importance of this nut is that it is less caloric than most of its other counterparts, but it is no less useful. In addition, cashew nuts contribute to:
  • Decreased cholesterol;
  • Withdrawal of toothache;
  • Strengthening immunity;
  • Improve the condition of all body systems;
  • Losing weight while respecting pp.


If you ever notice a cashew tree, do not try to taste the nuts. In the shell are substances that are unsafe for the skin. In health food stores and supermarkets, cashews are already sold properly properly cleaned and passed special heat treatment. Eat Cashew in a natural way, add to the dishes, make from the fruits vegetable oil - useful elements will be preserved. Even a small dose of cashew will help you improve your health and improve your health. Forget about the diseases!


In Persia, this kind of nuts symbolized financial well-being. Not surprisingly, because the price of pistachios in the old days was extremely large. Nowadays, kg of pistachios is much cheaper, so it is often bought by athletes or supporters of a healthy diet.

Places of cultivation

Today you can buy pistachios almost everywhere, than in a greater degree you can thank the countries of the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. Growing trees and shrubs in Central America.

Interesting Facts

  • Although the regions of pistachio growth predominantly with a warm climate, these plants are able to withstand temperatures of -25 degrees.
  • In food, pistachios were added as early as V st. BC. e.
  • In Asia, a plant is called the tree of life.

What are the useful pistachios?

The use of pistachios is that the ratio of the constituent amino acids and caloric content of nuts is ideal for those who lose weight, adhering to a diet. Important is the fact that thirty nuts contain as much fiber as a full portion of your favorite supporter of oatmeal. In addition, nuts are useful for those who do not follow the weight. They include special phenolic compounds that help to preserve youth and well-being for a long time.

Feature of nuts

  • Calories obtained with pistachios are not fully absorbed because of the cell walls that prevent digestion.
  • Adding pistachios to an individual diet will allow:
  • Protect yourself from exposure to harmful radicals;
  • Improve vision;
  • Strengthen teeth and bones;
  • Remove from the body harmful cholesterol;
  • Improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels.


As a product useful for the liver, heart and body as a whole, pistachios should be present in the person's diet constantly. They can be eaten in a natural way as a snack, combined with other meals or added to confectionery. Pistachios are used in sausage and cheese production, of which a useful oil is made. If you want to stay young and feel good for a long time, just add some of these healthy nuts to your diet and be healthy!

Pine nuts

In fact, what we get, wanting to buy pine nuts, is edible seeds, not even cedar, but pine. Cedar nuts of the present are not only not suitable for inclusion in the diet of a supporter of a healthy diet or paleodieta, but they are not edible at all.

Places of cultivation

If we talk about cedar Siberian pine, a tree on which tasty seeds are grown, it grows in Western and Eastern Siberia. Sometimes trees are also found in the forests of China and Mongolia. Cedar pine also grows in the northern part of Russia.

Interesting Facts

  • In the 1st century the doctors Avicenna and Biruna used cedar nuts for the treatment of patients.
  • For one season, from one tree, you can get up to 12 kg of harvest, why the price for pine nuts remains high.
  • Seeds of cedar pine are approximately 6 times more calories than cooked chicken meat.

What are the benefits of pine nuts?

The benefits of pine nuts are beyond doubt. Only micro- and macronutrients contained in the product, number about 20. Seeds are actively used in folk medicine for the treatment of diseases of various origin, mainly gastrointestinal diseases. It is important that pine nuts with ease replace amino acids in products of animal origin.

Peculiarity of pine nuts

Pine nuts are especially important in that the protein contained in their composition is assimilated by 99%. Therefore, it is an ideal product for vegetarians, vegans and raw food. If you add pine nuts to your individual diet, you will notice:
  • General improvement of well-being;
  • Normalization of the nervous system;
  • Overall improvement of immunity;
  • Normalization of pulse and pressure.


Pine nuts are ready for use immediately after purchase. You can add them to the dishes or eat whole, not crushing. In addition, pine nuts are used for the production of oil. It, in turn, acts as a flavoring additive in many confectionery products. Traditional medicine uses pine nuts to make infusions from various diseases. Replace fatty meat with pine nuts - it's tasty and very useful!
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