How useful are oranges?

He is loved by many sportsmen, he finds a place both on a festive table and in various cocktails, his children simply adore him, and in Odessa even a monument was put to this miracle fruit. What is so special about an orange, besides its unique and easily recognizable taste?


The first origins of the appearance of the orange tree date back to 2, 5 thousand years BC, and the homeland is considered to be Ancient China. When the Portuguese sailors sailed to the Chinese shores of the Pacific Ocean, they discovered an unprecedented tree, whose fruit so struck them with its sweet and sour taste that the merchants decided to take them home. Thus, the seedlings of the orange tree reached Europe, where this fruit became so popular that even landowners built whole greenhouses to massively grow its fruits.

Around the oranges there are many legends, and some of them have historical confirmation. For example, in the old days people used orange muffins to fight moths in closets (this method is still used today), and at the very beginning of the 19th century the "king of citrus" even saved Odessa from ruin, for which he was given a monument on Zhvanetsky Boulevard .

Our days

To date, oranges play a big role in the economy of such a developed country as the USA, where it is grown in California and Florida. Also, orange trees planted plantations of most countries washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and Latin America. Over the past 40 years, the production of oranges has increased by more than 100%. It is interesting that in Argentina, even a transport plane was developed to transport fruits, but mostly oranges, as evidenced by its name - FMA I. Ae. 38 Naranjero (Naranjero in Spanish - "orange").

Use and benefit of an orange

Many of us adore the freshly squeezed orange juice from childhood. People who lead a healthy lifestyle, very often start the day with this drink, the fruit itself often becomes the basis for various salads, cocktails and even folk remedies for diseases.

All because it is saturated with a whole complex of vitamins and vitally important substances. Taking a daily orange or natural orange juice, you will insure yourself against diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver diseases, scurvy and hypovitaminosis. Orange well affects the digestive system, improves the functioning of the intestines and speeds up the metabolism. There are also known its positive effects on the work of the brain, the regeneration of the skin and the strengthening of immunity.

Orange peel finds frequent use both in the kitchen and at home. From it make various tinctures, a very tasty jam, add to alcohol. A peculiar and strong smell of orange peel scares off the moth, and orange oil is also obtained from it.

As a means to lose weight

On an orange and orange juice, a large number of diets are based. All due to the fact that it helps to accelerate metabolism, improves blood circulation and clears the body of harmful toxins faster. But in general, you will have enough in the morning or at lunch to eat one orange or drink a glass of orange juice, and a month later you will notice that not only stopped gaining weight, but also began to get rid of fatty interlayers. In this case, you need to monitor the level of acidity, so as not to harm the stomach and pancreas.
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