How to hide the fullness with the dress?

With the help of this article, you will learn how to look slimmer with the right dress, how to choose this magic outfit and look no worse than models in the catalogs of women's clothing. All women are beautiful, but sometimes we want to change, to get a little higher, tanned or a little slimmer. Large women's clothes often frighten off women with magnificent forms and very vain! After all, the designers of such clothes know the subtleties that will help us look a couple of sizes smaller. It is thanks to the right style and cut that the size models plus look so luxuriously in the catalogs of women's clothing. You too will get it if you follow simple rules. Just a few tricks and recommendations for the selection of dresses, will help you from a diverse assortment of women's clothing to choose a standing dress.

Choose the right length

The best variant of a skirt at a choice of the big female clothes is the narrowed down to a bottom a skirt-pencil in length to a knee. This length will open the beautiful caviar optimally, and the shape will narrow you and emphasize the luxurious thighs.

Suitable sleeve

Really, give up dresses without sleeves or thin straps. Full women in catalogs of women's clothing can look sexy in tops on threads only thanks to photo editors and retouching - it's worth remembering. In real life, this approach does not play into your hands. Among the range of women's clothing, pay attention to options with a sleeve three-quarters or by the elbow. This length will perfectly hide the flaws and lengthen the arms visually.

Lucky color

That's what should be given special attention, so this is the choice of the color of large women's clothing. Discard the acid colors and horizontal stripes in the dress. But pastel, dark colors, complex shades and vertical patterns will be an excellent choice.

Do not forget about the belt

Dress with a belt or shape, including a sharp transition from the waist to the hip - an ideal option. Abandon excessively loose and baggy models - they will increase you visually. Among the range of women's clothing, pay attention to the models in which the waist is favorably emphasized.

Stress your chest

When choosing a large women's clothing, let alone dresses, pay attention to models in which the breast is profitable, but did not go stressed. Designers have already developed thousands of styles with this effect! A delightful bust is your huge advantage, you should not hide it. Become more beautiful day by day!
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