Style Icon: Learning to dress with Emma Watson

Many remember Emma Watson for the role of Hermione in Harry Potter, which the actress fulfilled, while still a girl. But years passed and the young celebrity already dictates the rules of style. Lines of fashionable women's clothing, created by Emma's sketches, are literally swept off the shelves of stores, and each of her new images becomes a huge news item.

Spiked Boars

As a 14-year-old teenager, Emma already preferred this shoe model. Classic pointed-nosed boats fit literally any fashionable women's clothing, whether it's a black flowing dress or loose trousers with a low waistline.

Man's style

The girl very much likes to choose suits of strict black cut, combine them with high-heeled shoes and an accessory - a clutch bag.

Classics and Hollywood glamor

At all social events the girl appears exclusively in a gentle female image. Her favorite colors are black and white. She loves this combination in fashionable women's clothes and uses it for almost every outlet.

Short dresses

When choosing a dress Emma very often prefers cocktail dresses. Not very long, but at the same time strictly consistent models, give the image of an actress of femininity and harmony. Emma Watson's style is quite simple and moderately extravagant. To repeat one of her images herself, it will be enough to visit several shops with inexpensive women's clothing. The actress does not pursue all the fashionable trends, it is important for her to be true to her style, whether it's the sharp-nosed boats or the favorite brand of J. Mendel. The style of Emma Watson is attractive in that enough inexpensive women's clothing is enough to create it. Beginner women of fashion will only need to learn how to correctly combine the most ordinary things at first glance.
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