Why do we need weddings?

It is difficult to imagine that at the time of Catherine II the girls were given in marriage at the age of 17. It was believed that this is the best age for bonding by marriage. And it should be noted: the empress made every attempt to reduce the marriageable age of the girl to 13 - 15 years. Fortunately, these attempts were unsuccessful. Today, girls do not give in marriage: they leave themselves, according to their personal "desire". The progressive society of the 21st century has established women and men on the same level of equality, as a result of which women have the right, as well as the opportunity to choose. But this does not mean that the questions about the wedding are over.

Want to get married

List of guests, white dress and toastmaster. Now we are witnessing a turning point: when 50% of opinions say that a magnificent wedding is useless, and money is better spent on a honeymoon, and the remaining 50% rightly note that they only get married once. We do not take those cases of marriage directly in the marriage itself. The percentage of error can not be excluded, but let's hope that marriage as a marriage, and marriage as a mistake have nothing in common. Thus, the question arose: Do you need a magnificent wedding with all that flowing festivity?

What the experts say

A wedding stylist who works all over the world has been making beautiful girls for years: make-up, hairstyles and even wedding rehearsal. "This is a solemn day, and every bride wants to feel like a princess. Inside the women there live all the same little girls who want to swirl at the ball, throw a bouquet of the bride to their girl-friends and cheerfully have a drink at the wedding. So in the end, sitting in a wicker chair by the fireplace, and holding the man's hand by the hand, you could tell your children how you beat the dishes on your wedding day, because it was one of the competitions of the toastmaster. " A white fluffy dress, veil and a little tremble hands: in a few moments a young beautiful girl will become a young beautiful wife. This title as the rank of general should be worn proudly and with pleasure. Of course, before you plunge into the complex profession of the architect of family relations, you want to tear yourself away, and there's nothing terrible or bad about that. Photographers note that so much happiness concentrated in one place, to meet nowhere else, perhaps, will not work. It's worth it. This is a white dress that you hang in the closet, and yes, you will not wear it anymore. But believe my word: in difficult moments, when you want to hit your husband with something heavy, you should open a wardrobe, look at this dress and warm memories will immediately take away all the bad from your life. You look at the wedding from a practical point of view: why do I need a white dress, if I do not put it on, and why the restaurant and feed a bunch of guests. The answer is simple, then, that this day, pictures from it, and most importantly: memories will be a guarantee that you will cope with all the reefs that your family ship will face. "

You are worthy of fulfilling your desires

Every woman inside is a little girl who wants to get into a fairy tale. Every man inside is a little prince and knight of his own heart lady who wants to arrange a fairy tale for his beloved. Why do not these dreams come true?
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