9 attributes of the perfect wedding

On the day of the wedding, I want to organize a real fairy tale. But the one who at least once helped in the organization of the wedding, knows how difficult it is to please all the guests, not to quarrel with their own nerves and do everything on schedule. On the day of your wedding, the newlyweds always want everything to be perfect: perfect outfits, suitable music, delicious dishes and stylish wedding decoration. The events are already over in the past, when all the triumph was reduced to sit-downs at one large table. Now, if you want everything to be at the highest level, you have to think about a lot.

1. Wedding cortege

If you really want to feel like a fairy tale on your day, you will not find a better transport than a wedding cortege. It's luxurious, comfortable and really very beautiful.

Today, agencies offer different cars, original and unusual. With such a thematic car, you are sure to stand out from the crowd, and your celebration will be remembered as original and stylish. In a limousine, you will feel very comfortable, because they have everything - a stove, air conditioning, climate control, shelves for snacks and glasses for champagne.

Wedding cars are a great solution if you do not want a standard wedding. Original models do not just look very stylish, but they are equipped with everything necessary inside. Recently, very popular were limousine jeeps like Hummer. In fact it is the same limo, only a much higher landing. If you do not like the standard options, then this wedding cortege is unequivocally for you. At the wheel of a limousine there will be a professional driver with whom you will feel very comfortable.

So, the wedding cortege order is:
  • Stylish and bright - all the guests of the wedding will remember what luxury car you were driving
  • Conveniently you do not need to strain your relatives or get behind the wheel yourself, and everyone will be able to fully enjoy the food and drink
  • Reliably - you are insured against unpleasant accidents like late delivery of a car or a minor accident
  • Comfortable - comfortable limousine lounges are simply designed for such important events as your wedding.
Remember that the impression of the wedding is made up of small things. You can think about everything - but if you forget about choosing a vehicle, this question can completely ruin your whole mood. Do not err, trust professionals!

2. Place of banquet

The procedure of marriage on the day of the wedding takes only half an hour. Then the newly-made husband and wife go to take pictures, and then the fun begins - the wedding feast.

In our country, wedding weddings are not just a gala dinner, it's a grandiose event, with songs, dances, toastmasters and competitions. All the most important and interesting happens exactly during the feast, so choosing the venue for a banquet is 50% more than the guarantee of a successful wedding.

When choosing the venue for a banquet, first of all you need to pay attention to the interior and capacity of the hall. Too large areas - it's not very good, because then the feeling of a holiday is lost - everyone is sitting at different ends of a large room and does not communicate with each other. At the same time, in the banquet hall, a place must be allocated for the dance floor and for the installation of equipment. Some of the banquet halls already have their own equipment, in other cases it is necessary to stipulate this in addition. There are many more nuances:
  • The possibility of installing additional equipment - smoke machines, color music, etc.
  • The working hours of the banquet hall - at 10 pm you are unlikely to be ready to end the celebration
  • Professionalism of staff - waiters and cooks
  • The opportunity to decorate and adjust the interior "for yourself."

3. Field registration

Marriage in the registry office is gradually disappearing into the past. Indeed, few people are pleased on their holiday to listen to the monotonous speech of an old-fashioned dressed woman who already repeats the same thing for the hundredth time in a day, and does not really believe in her words. I would like to make the wedding a fabulous event, not a "obligatory" - to go to the "House of Happiness" and sign the documents.

Therefore, many choose an exit registration. This option is:
  • Unbelievably beautiful - off-site marriage registration at the place chosen by you is an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests
  • Very stylish - you can think over the decoration of the wedding arch, create a unique style and even think out your own wedding vows instead of the phrases enclosed to us by the Soviet Union
  • Practically - if you are going to celebrate your event outside the city, then it makes no sense to take all the guests first to the city to register a marriage, and then again to nature.
Carefully designed exit registration emphasizes the sense of celebration and the importance of this event. This registration is not conducted by a pompous aging woman, but by a professional presenter who knows how important this day is to you. Solemn speech will be written specially for you and will sound naturally and sincerely.

To get rid of the cliché, you just need to find a place that is pleasant for both of you and order an on-site registration service

4. Leading

The wedding, which has no music, and jokes, or dances - it's boring and no one is interested. Inviting guests, each young couple dreams about that everyone was comfortable and fun at their wedding. Independently to entertain all of his friends and relatives young elementary lacks time, and then the leader comes to the rescue.

Earlier, the host was called a toastmaster, but in fact his duties include much more than just entertaining guests at a wedding. He must:
  • It is joyful to meet guests, to sit them down and get acquainted with all those present at the celebration
  • Follow the script and make sure that the wedding does not turn into a boring family feast
  • Be a link between you and your guests, perform a holiday scenario
  • Support a pleasant atmosphere among the guests, create comfort and coziness at the event
  • Do from any event a real show, enchanting and memorable to the young and their guests
  • Occupy children who are present at the wedding
It is clear that with such an abundance of tasks only a professional presenter will cope, who knows and loves his work. He is fully involved in the process of preparing for the wedding. In particular, together with him you must write a script of the wedding, so that everything goes like clockwork and without much of your intervention. In the end, on your holiday you have every right to rest and do not care about which competitions to think up and how to track, so that no one is uncomfortable.

This all takes care of the host at your event. How to choose such a person? The whole Internet is full of announcements from "professional" leaders, but to choose a really worthy one, you need to communicate with him live.

5. Photographer

I want to capture all the bright events at the wedding of any young couple. I really want to get beautiful photos, which can then be put in a frame or shown to children, or even to grandchildren. The Internet is full of offers from wedding photographers, but it's very difficult to find a real professional who will share your desires.

It's no secret that photography is a true art form. Accordingly, any photographer is a separate artist, with his worldview. And even if he works at weddings, it does not always mean that he can build under your vision, reveal all the beauty of your love and convey those magical emotions that you are experiencing.

Therefore, in order to pick up your "own" photographer, you need:
  • First, decide what you want
  • Then you can start to consider the portfolio of various photographers
  • Then you already have to personally communicate with the chosen applicant for the role of paparazzi at your wedding.
This is quite a painstaking job, especially when preparing for a wedding it is very difficult to allocate time for thoughtfully picking up a person who will make photos for you.

Some couples began to order photography after the wedding. In this there is some sense - you can make a beautiful photo session, and choose a photographer more carefully. But even on the day of the wedding, I want a photographer to be present.

6. Videographer

After the Lumière brothers showed the first film, a person seeks to photograph everything that he sees, and what has some value for him. Now there are a lot of digital video cameras, there is also a professional technique that allows you to create very interesting effects and make a full movie, almost without detaching yourself from the lens.

Your wedding is, of course, an event worthy of being filmed. And if a video camera with a good technique works at the wedding, you will get not just a chronicle, who told what kind of toast and who when left, but a real fairy tale film. Such a plot you will proudly show your children and grandchildren, and themselves to review in their old age.

A videographer at a wedding is this:
  • Stylishly - recently, without shooting a video at a wedding, not a single wedding is complete. Some couples also order videographers at the wedding of a lovestory video.
  • Practically - the more guests at a wedding, the harder it is for all of them to pay attention. A videographer can record the congratulations of the guests, and then you can always review the video with dear people.
Of course, before agreeing with a videographer, you will need to meet with him and discuss how you see his work at the wedding.

7. Coordinator's services

It's one thing when your wedding is an exclusively family celebration in a close circle, where several people are present. However, at a lavish wedding it is impossible to follow everything on your own, and even preparing everything in a few months is very difficult. If the banquet hall is very large, then the coordinator's services will be useful, so that guests do not get bored, they all have poured, the plates were not empty, the dishes were served on time, and the young people did not jerk at little things. You after all arrange a celebration in the first place for yourself, so why expose yourself to such stress on a special and happy day?

Advanced couples have long started to invite coordinators for weddings. Now no wedding organization is held without them, because the fashion went to big, magnificent events, when the bride and groom, even if they wanted, could not keep track of everything.

So, you choose a coordinator. His duties are as follows:
  • To develop together with you the scenario of a holiday together with the program of a wedding day
  • Pre-wedding counseling on all wedding matters. The coordinator can tell about all the nuances of celebrations, pitfalls. And if you do not want to do all this yourself, the coordinator can prepare a "turnkey" wedding for you
  • Calling contractors before the event for their readiness and fulfillment of obligations. It can be artists, fire-shows, musicians, etc.
  • Avoid all manner of unpleasant situations like scandals, quarrels, uneasiness at the table, etc.
In fact, the coordinator at the wedding is a valet in the old days. This person checks the readiness of the attendants for the wedding, monitors the execution of the script, helps to avoid conflicts and generally maneuvers between guests unnoticed.

8. Dance production

One of the most exciting events at the wedding is the first dance of the young. And, surprisingly, the more modern and active our life, the more attention is paid to this ancient tradition. A competently delivered, gentle and beautiful wedding dance is a fascinating sight. When a man carefully conducts his bride, and she is spinning around him, enveloping her with snow-white dress, she can not tear herself away from this picture. But that everything really looked touching and beautiful, you need a professional dance performance.

In the Internet offers for dance lessons can be found a large number, but here you need an individual approach. A choreographer is a creative person, and it is very important that his dance production uses all your advantages, but at the same time you were able to do it. After all, the pleasure of such an event is above all! The professional must adequately assess that the newlyweds can learn for the time that they have, which allows the area of ​​the room where they will dance, what the bride's dress ... And anyway, what tastes their clients have.

Experienced specialist:
  • Will help you decide on the style of dance
  • Will be engaged in a specially equipped studio
  • He will consider the wedding decoration, the bride and groom's outfits, the size of the room
  • Will pick up music
  • Will deal only with you, individually, adjusting for your free time.
It is enough only to imagine how unusually fabulous the wedding dance looks in the eyes of the guests, and you will immediately understand that it is impossible to refuse such a wonderful detail of your wedding.

9. Stag / hen party

One of the most fun, enjoyable and interesting stages before the wedding is a bachelorette / bachelorette party. Each couple secretly dreams to spend their last free night as everyone likes. Desires are really different for everyone.

But you do not want to turn a bachelor party / hen party into banal gatherings for friends? Such an event should be remembered for a long time, and even better - to call a photographer with you, then in a close circle to review the photos and remember a carefree, wonderful evening.

Let the wedding, prices, seating plan for the time will not bother you - take up this day by yourself, gather your closest friends and mark the last day off as you want. Brides most often celebrate a bachelorette party:
  • In a closed club
  • In the health complex (swimming pools, massages, beauty treatments)
  • Participating in extreme sports - night karting, parachute jump, etc.
  • On a yacht or in a limousine
If the finances permit, you can generally go to another city for a night out for another night. Perhaps everything, the main thing is your openness to the new.

Men are usually more reserved with their stag parties. As a rule, the circle of friends is going for a game of billiards, poker, some go to a casino or a bath.

But the main attribute of both hen and stag parties is a good mood and distinctive signs, so that everyone knows that this person will very soon become part of the family. This includes different accessories, unusual transportation and so on.

A wedding is an important event in everyone's life, and let these tips help you!
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