How to wear a small black dress?

Short black dresses are a classic for all time. The first small black dress was created by Coco Chanel back in 1926. It combined straight cut, length below the knee and long sleeves. Since then, a lot has changed, and you can buy a black evening dress, literally any style: long, short, strict and shiny, simple cut and with complex draperies. And it will be even easier to find a suitable model if you decide to buy clothes in an online store.

If you are not sure of the choice of the model, it is worth looking for simple styles that will simply be combined with accessories for different situations. In the daytime such a dress can be worn with a jacket or a scarf, in the evening - with expensive ornaments.

If you are going to buy clothes in the online store, remember the main rule when choosing almost any outfit: there must be something open: either the legs, or the back, or the decollete zone.

A separate issue concerns sleeves. If you have a beautiful line of shoulders and tightened arms, you can safely buy clothes in the online store without sleeves or on spaghetti straps. But the owner of large hands when choosing a dress is better to stay on sleeves at least "two-thirds". Short sleeves only extend the line of the shoulders, making it even more massive. Girls who want to visually make their legs longer are worth choosing a small black dress in the floor with a belt at the waist.

Now let's talk about accessories.

Style casual

Here everything is simple: the main thing is for you to be comfortable, and the outfit does not look pretentious. Lovers of sports style can safely buy an evening black dress of simple cut and wear it with white sneakers. A more common option - shoes without heels or black shoes with heels. Then the top of the dress should complement the jacket, jacket or coat.


Short black dresses look great in this style. Throw a simple black dress leather braid - and the image will change dramatically. You can complement it with comfortable shoes and stylish costume jewelry, and the highlight is the hat's image.


Glamor is the best choice for more solemn occasions: for example, dates. You can put a small black dress on the floor or, for example, a shorter one, with a lush skirt. Shoes without heels need to be changed to shoes or sandals with heels, and you can supplement the image with a silk neck scarf of bright colors or a pair of black gloves.


Coco Chanel set the classic principles of wearing evening black dresses, thanks to her we see so often a combination of short black dress and string of pearls. Later, her rules were adjusted by Zhivenshi, who created the dress for Audrey Hepburn for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Now these rules have become recommendations for the creation of a classical image.

So, according to the rules, the classic is a small black dress in the floor or the length is not shorter than the knee. Shoes - classic boats with heels or without, covering the toes. If you decide to buy a black evening dress in a classic style, do not forget about the handbag: it should be small, in the form of a clutch or on the classic Chanel chain. Black women's gloves will be considered a good form.
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